Thursday, July 9, 2009

Here's lookin' at you Michael.

A young Michael by artist CarinaT.

The world has watched it all.

Watched The Jackson 5 - the young brothers, set to make it big in the music world.

Watched a young hopeful become a rock star - slowly and surely, he climbed that famed stairway to success.

Watched a bright eyed boy become a troubled young man. So much drama, so much eccentricity, so much to hide away from prying eyes.

Watched some amazing music happen. Thriller, Billie Jean, Bad, Beat It, Human Nature, They don't really care about us, Man in the mirror, Out of my life, Don't stop till you get enough - such an endless list.

Watched the moonwalk. March 25th, 1983. He performed live on a television special, Motown 25: Yesterday, today, Forever.
He invented it. We've all tried it sometime, haven't we? *grin*

Watched musical history in the making. Yes, we have. Put aside all the bad things you know about him and think for a minute. WE HAVE.

Watched some amazing collaborations. Guitar sets by Eddie Van Halen on 'Beat It' and Slash on 'Black or White'. Co-writing 'We are the world' with Lionel Ritchie, his duet with Sir Paul McCartney, 'The girl is mine'.

Watched a star crash and burn.

And finally, watched a memorial for a man who was a 'larger than life' talent, an amazing singer-songwriter, an artist who's music will live on for a long, long time.

There are some people who think that all this hype and media frenzy is undeserved. I've seen countless blogs, comments, letters to editors, newspaper articles - all claiming the same.

But my truth is this. It is usually, only in death that we remember the good about a person. This is true in everyday life. Why should this single mans death be any different?
We say we shouldn't speak ill of the dead...yet we do.
Yes, there were many allegations. But we all have skeletons in the closet.
Maybe there was child abuse. And that sucks. It's disgusting and horrible and sick and hurtful and deserves to be punished. I agree to all that. Some of you may think he deserved to die this way, for the life he lived. Perhaps.

People want to know why so much love now, in death? Why not when he was alive? Why so much adulation for a possible pedophile? Well, why weren't these people protesting every single day, since 1993, when those first child abuse accusations hit the stands?
It's the same concept of reaction...we're all just different people.

I'm not defending his life, or his doings. But I am voicing my opinion, like the rest of the world. My generation lost an icon we grew up grooving too. We always liked him, always listened to his songs, always loved his music. And we're only voicing it now, coz well, that's the way life is.

You rarely sing peoples praises when you realise they'll be around tomorrow, you can always join that Facebook fan page later, put in 10 different entries to win those tickets to a London concert when it's a bit more convenient. But when he dies....You remember. And you are grateful.

I think people need to calm down a bit and let the man rest in peace.
To be 'that' a gift. No matter how you look at it.

These were my two favorite parts of the Michael Jackson memorial.
No, I didn't watch the whole thing with candles all around me. I didn't have a tissue box by my side and I didn't recite a rosary for his soul.
But I did get teary eyed for all the memories his music brought back to me.

Queen Latifah read out a poem written by Maya Angelou, for Michael Jackson.
She's an amazing writer.

And give it a listen - perhaps you'll like it as much as I always have.
And for those few moments...remember the good times.

Note: My second post in a row, on a Michael. Who'd have thunk it.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Minguel s.o. Pascual

On the 6th of July, seventeen years ago, a darling little boy came into my life.
His name is Minguel.

I was speechless when his parents asked me to be his godmother. I was all of eleven years old and technically, not the right age for the job. But my uncle and aunt were set - they wanted Minguel's godparents to be closer to him in age, thereby understanding him better and being his friends first.

When we went to see the newest budle of joy gifted to our family, my uncle took me out into the hospital corridor and said he wanted to ask me something. My mum and dad were there, grinning from ear to ear - they already knew. I think back now, to all those years ago - I didn't really understand the importance and preciousness of the moment. I hugged my uncle and said yes and then went back to my aunts room and hugged the new mommy. Now, my heart grows heavy with pride as I remember those moments.

Minguel was christened soon after and I remember writing a poem for him then, my little godchild. He ruled my world and life revolved around him eating, drinking milk, burping, peeing, farting - babies, I tell you!

He was 2 before I knew it. I watched him eat shawarmas, sing little songs, pronounce my name 'mondala' - I still don't get that, but I loved it! His folks let his hair grow just a bit and he had the cutest little pony tail!
One of my favorite memories of him is when Dad and I got back home one evening and we saw Minguel and his Dad in the distance, getting back from the supermarket (we lived in the same building). It was dark, so at first he wasn't sure who we were. Then he heard my voice and te realisation that struck!! My little munchkin came running towards me, in that adorable way that only little kids do and he leapt into my open arms, as if I had just gifted him all the candy in the world.
Let's just say that if I wrote about my memories of the little Minguel, it would be full of exclamations and smileys!! He's a special lil' guy who holds, no...owns, a special part of my heart.

His family have since then migrated to a new country. Minguel has grown up there, but when I speak to him on the phone, he is still the same boy with a heart of gold. He's ridiculously tall and wears glasses. He loves football and a ton of other sports. He's a good student and a good son. And no matter how old he gets, he'll always be my godchild.
He'll always be my little pony tailed angel, named for a grandfather I never met, but belonging to a boy I'll always love.

Happy 17th Birthday, my little one.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Book Tag

I got tagged recently by pranksygang from Thank you P!

It works like this. I name 15 books in 15 minutes and since I can name them in 15 minutes, they're clearly all books that I loved so much that I can remember them that clearly or hated so much that I wouldn't recommend them to a soul. If I'm being really honest, I don't have any 15 books in mind - I think I can safely manage 5 though. And I don't really remember the books I hated - so I guess I'm good :)
Here's my 5 - let me know if we share something in common!

1. The entire Harry Potter series. - J.K. Rowling
I simply don't care what anyone has to say, I loved them ALL.
I don't believe them to be childrens books at all. The world of magic, friendship, drama and mystery that Rowling weaves, spanning 7 years in the life of Harry Potter, the boy who lived. Her writing has had me hooked from my second year at college, when Chili gifted me the first book on my birthday. (Thank you Chili :) ) She's one awesome author and if you've got an active imagination, you'll see why I treasure the books so much more than the movie. Rowling rocks at the top of my list.

2. The Bible. - Good question.
As a kid, I grew up listening to Bible stories and I had my favorites. The birth of the Christ child, Joseph and his brothers, Moses floating in the wicker basket and being found by the queen, the miracle of the loaves and the fish, the baptism in the Jordan...there are tons. Mom used to read me some at bedtime, then I got older and read them on my own, my Childrens Bible was a prized possession. As I grew older, I graduated to the 'big people's' Bible, but truly, the childrens edition remained my favorite. It's simplicity got the message across and taught me more as a child than it did as an adult. I learnt that God was my friend. Enough said.

3. The Waitress - Melissa Nathan
Of course I have a girly book up there!! As girly as it gets, but a great read. The story of a girl who works as a waitress and then follows a dream to own her own restaurant. Peppered with her own issues with men, family and friends, a great bit of chicklit.

4. Burnt Toast - Teri Hatcher
I'm not sure what I can say about this book, except that I thoroughly enjoyed it. It takes you through the actress life just before Desperate Housewives - the ups and the downs. It's not full of trials and tribulations, but a lot of simple, real, easy to understand stuff. Little things that made me re-read paragraphs and want to jot lines down on post-it notes.

5. Five run away together - Enid Blyton
My favorite book of the series. It's the one where the Famous Five - Julian, George(ina), Dick, Anne and Tim run away to Kirrin Island and live in a cave. They pack supplies in the dead of night, from a stove, to tinned fruits, to sleeping bags. It appealed to the young adventurer in me and it's a book I very fondly, still have on my bookshelf.

Thanks Pranksy - I did enjoy that trip through the corridors of my mind!