Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Book Tag

I got tagged recently by pranksygang from Thank you P!

It works like this. I name 15 books in 15 minutes and since I can name them in 15 minutes, they're clearly all books that I loved so much that I can remember them that clearly or hated so much that I wouldn't recommend them to a soul. If I'm being really honest, I don't have any 15 books in mind - I think I can safely manage 5 though. And I don't really remember the books I hated - so I guess I'm good :)
Here's my 5 - let me know if we share something in common!

1. The entire Harry Potter series. - J.K. Rowling
I simply don't care what anyone has to say, I loved them ALL.
I don't believe them to be childrens books at all. The world of magic, friendship, drama and mystery that Rowling weaves, spanning 7 years in the life of Harry Potter, the boy who lived. Her writing has had me hooked from my second year at college, when Chili gifted me the first book on my birthday. (Thank you Chili :) ) She's one awesome author and if you've got an active imagination, you'll see why I treasure the books so much more than the movie. Rowling rocks at the top of my list.

2. The Bible. - Good question.
As a kid, I grew up listening to Bible stories and I had my favorites. The birth of the Christ child, Joseph and his brothers, Moses floating in the wicker basket and being found by the queen, the miracle of the loaves and the fish, the baptism in the Jordan...there are tons. Mom used to read me some at bedtime, then I got older and read them on my own, my Childrens Bible was a prized possession. As I grew older, I graduated to the 'big people's' Bible, but truly, the childrens edition remained my favorite. It's simplicity got the message across and taught me more as a child than it did as an adult. I learnt that God was my friend. Enough said.

3. The Waitress - Melissa Nathan
Of course I have a girly book up there!! As girly as it gets, but a great read. The story of a girl who works as a waitress and then follows a dream to own her own restaurant. Peppered with her own issues with men, family and friends, a great bit of chicklit.

4. Burnt Toast - Teri Hatcher
I'm not sure what I can say about this book, except that I thoroughly enjoyed it. It takes you through the actress life just before Desperate Housewives - the ups and the downs. It's not full of trials and tribulations, but a lot of simple, real, easy to understand stuff. Little things that made me re-read paragraphs and want to jot lines down on post-it notes.

5. Five run away together - Enid Blyton
My favorite book of the series. It's the one where the Famous Five - Julian, George(ina), Dick, Anne and Tim run away to Kirrin Island and live in a cave. They pack supplies in the dead of night, from a stove, to tinned fruits, to sleeping bags. It appealed to the young adventurer in me and it's a book I very fondly, still have on my bookshelf.

Thanks Pranksy - I did enjoy that trip through the corridors of my mind!


  1. "Good Question" - *grin* Good one.

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  3. Well, Bruno was asked in a recent interview why he made the film "Bruno", he said, "I don't know, I mean, why did Jesus write the bible?"
    So... I think Jesus could get credit perhaps?
    Although he'd probably read it and go, "No no no! You idiots have got it all wrong. I meant (explanation)"...

    How come you missed Tao of Pooh in that list?
    And what about your upcoming favourite, the Storyteller?

  4. thanks for responding dear!
    i like "five run away together" too.. Famous Five is one of the best books i still enjoy reading!!!

    you have a simple and sweet collection of books!

  5. Nice combination of books that came to your mind. I'm wondering which I would remember!

  6. @ Sheetal - *grin*

    @ Sushi - Jesus did not write the Bible, you nut. *shakes head* Did I teach you nothing?!!
    lol...The Storyteller...when I read it, I shall devote a whole post to it.

    @ Pranksy - so we share more in common than we thought!

    @ Shalini - I'm fond of the happy books. Do do a book tag post! I will not tell a lie, I don't get this whole tagging business yet *goes pink* so consider yourself tagged!