Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Let there be love

The only solace in death, is the belief that your loved one is in the arms of an angel. And is happy.

My extended family lost a lovely lady today. I only ever knew her as Aunty Benny.
For as long as I can remember, she had a naughty dance in her eyes and always chuckled away at a good joke.
She was a wife, a mother, an aunt, a Nani (granny) and one of those women who you just want to see smile.
It's hard to explain.

Today, when I thought of her and the family she has left behind, I remembered. Nice little memories. This one is my favorite.

Aunty Benny and Uncle Freddy celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary here in Dubai several years ago. A week or so before the celebration, they were at our place for dinner and we had a lot of family over as well.
Somehow, in all the chatter, we decided to have an impromptu rehearsal of the upcoming occasion. As in all Goan houses, *grin* we had several fake flower arrangements all over the place. Aunty Benny's daughter grabbed one and handed them to her mum. And then they actually did a little walk down our corridor amidst much laughter! Other family members rehearsed what they would say to honor the lovely couple. In a corner, Aunty Benny was telling my mum the story of a powerful prayer and a beautiful rosary.
They looked lovely at their anniversary and she was beautiful! They danced, Uncle Freddy sang, they were surrounded by their children, grandchildren and friends and family. How often do you get to be at a 50th Wedding Anniversary? It was something else.

I wish I had more memories of her, but the few I have will always be special.

To a life well lived, to a soul well loved,
to a darling woman who will be greatly missed - mog assun Aunty Benny.

Friday, June 11, 2010

World Cups gone by...

Last night, dude and I watched the Concert kick-off for World Cup 2010. It was funny and entertaining and good fun to see Archbishop Desmond Tutu in his element - such a cutie.

It got me thinking about World Cups from the past - memories that stayed with me for their own special reasons.

Years and years ago; I don't even remember which World Cup it was - Mum, Dad and I lived in a cute little one bedroom. Yes it was small, but it was our home sweet home!
Mums brother and the 2nd man who has my heart; Pascual and his family used to live on the same floor as us.
Since both Pascual and Dad are complete footie buffs, that meant staying up all hours to watch the WC games together. The fun they had - yelling and shouting and probably cursing on occassion too. Such boys at heart!
Pascual would come to ours in the nights with his pillow and blanket and then he and Dad would stay up the whole night to watch the 11PM game (I think). Then sleep for 2 hours and get up to watch the 4 AM game. Then Pascual would head back home at 6AM and get ready to leave for work by 7AM. Goodness! We (Pascual and I) were chatting about it yesterday...and it made me smile. I remember how often I would see him, but I'd still be so excited that he was coming home in the night to stay! He'd leave in the morning just as I was waking up for school...my joy knew no bounds : )
He left more than 10 years ago...but Amen to a childhood full of memories to last me a lifetime.
And yes, if you insist, Dunga is an idiot for not selecting Ronaldinho for the games. I miss you Padrin!!

World Cup 2006 is one dude and I will always remember; we had only just started dating. We watched the games at the Trade Centre here in Dubai - the atmosphere was phenomenal! Huge screens, color co-ordinated supporters, choruses of 'oooohs' and 'aaahhhs' at the missed goal opportunities and foul trouble - I think that's when dude realised that I loved sports too. *grin* Quite possibly a contributing factor as to why we're married today!

Neetz was still here then and we had a blast at the games we watched. I remember us not knowing a lot about the teams that year, but deciding who we'd support based on which side had better looking players. *chuckles* Dontcha jus' love girlfriends?

I have a favorite picture of Neetz...one when we were both at the Trade Centre and were having a laugh about something or the other...the way best friends often do. And I got this adorable shot of her on my cell - I call it 'my little ray of sunshine'.

Neetz is in South Africa now - and missing me, I think as much as I miss her.
Much love my crazy one! : )

I hope you all have equally fond memories of past World Cups. May you remember them all today, with a smile.

Till later, Waka Waka - this time for Africa.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's a crazy world we're living in.

Sometimes I wonder if my corner is too ...well, mine, I guess.

I wonder if my world, my joys and sorrows, my ups and downs...are all too close to the heart.
Do I worry about the big things?
Or do the little things in my life make all the difference?
I wonder if I 'sweat the small stuff'...or if I'm just normal.

Small gestures of kindness stay with me for a long, long time.
And similarly when people close to my heart act without thinking...I feel it. No, I don't hold on to it, but I DO feel it at the time.
I've wondered a few times before...is that normal? Or am I being a silly goose?

These random moments pass, thankfully.
And I remember that my corner is my own. Where I can just be me.
And it's ok to feel happy about little things. Like watching the American Idol finale with dude.
And it's nice to be amused at my own thoughts. I think God is quite cool. As in; He laughs when I laugh at a silly joke and He sometimes takes my side when I get annoyed at something.
And it's normal to feel a little hurt sometimes.
Where I don't need to pretend to be, walk or talk, a particular way.
Where I accept you and you accept me. As long as we keep it real, we're good.
Where I know God. and thankfully, He knows me.
And I can be thankful for my yesterdays, todays and tomorrows - no matter what.
And I can think about the not nice bits that crop up in life. And once I'm done thinking them through, can move them to the 'out' folder.

I'm happy my corner moves with me, wherever I am. I never feel the need or want to leave it behind.
Perhaps this won't make sense. But that's the niceness of it being my corner I guess.

I started this post in a bit of a funk. Just a bit.
And now I'm ok again. : )
I heart my corner.