Friday, January 22, 2010

The wonder that is Facebook.

I uploaded a lot of pictures on my Facebook profile this afternoon.
Mostly of December when Mum and Dad were here, the stuff we did, the places we visited, familly, friends etc. (Yes, I do it pretty often, guilty as charged!)

My favorite is one of us at Christmas, right in front of our beautiful tree.
We had just gone for Christmas morning mass, had a nice breakfast together and visited close family to wish them. We got back home and posed for a series of pictures and had a ball of a time!!

When I posted that particular picture, I was rather taken aback at the number and nature of comments it got. Friends I made more than 10 years ago, family friends who haven't been in touch in ages, college friends, some people I don't even know that well...all who remembered my folks.

My parents pray a lot. They pray for us, out here in the concrete jungle, amongst other things.
And then they pray for the people who have touched our lives and theirs, in ways we may not remember, but our hearts will not forget. Verbatim.

I was amazed that some of those people felt such nice feelings towards my folks. Their comments on our Christmas memory picture, were simply sweet and really touching.

Facebook may have a tons of flaws and may be called addictive and a waste of time and all the rest. I've read all the negative articles and I've heard a few parental concerns on it.
But at times like this, it's just pretty darned awesome.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


So I figure that I should have a few resolutions in place, at least before January ends.

I've been thinking about what I want to do or change in my life - something that will make me happy, feel more creative, enrich my life in some way. I kept walking down oddly familiar corridors in my mind and then taking a wrong turn somewhere...then wondering, "Eh? How'd I end up here?"

I thought about people I wanted to be like. Places I wanted to visit. Skills I wanted to master.
Then I wondered why I waited for the New Year to start thinking about it.

So I went back to the drawing board and re-thought my theory on Resolutions.
I've decided that I'll just keep trying to do and keep aspiring to accomplish, all the different things I thought of last year. And quite probably, the year before.

The way I see it, I've been wanting to be better every day of my life. And I'm getting there.

When we were kids, we used to play a game called 'Mother, may I?'
One leader, right at the front. The other kids, on the opposite side of the room. The leader would call out a series of steps, like, "Fred, take 2 bunny steps forward" or "Dexter, 1 baby step backwards" or "Penelope, take 1 giant leap sideways!"
Each of us could move only if we remembered to say, "Mother, may I?'

Resolutions are like that I guess. Something we should enjoy doing, be it in baby steps, bunny hops, turtle crawls, roadrunner paces...progress is progress, si?

I'll see you at the finish line...but this is my own private race.
Have you started your own?

I'll lend you a few step options if you like. *whips out 'Mother may I?' instruction booklet*
That's the nice bit...when it's just you, you can stay on baby steps for as long as your heart feels like it. It's just a happy, smiling you that's waiting at the end of the line.

Till later.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

2010. Damn!!

H'lo sundaris. Or lovelies, if you're feeling English.

Hope you've all had a fab start to 2010, with an even better festive season behind you.
Where on earth did the decade go? Goodness me, I feel rather dinosaur-ish all of a sudden.

2009 was our year - totally. We struggled a bit, a few ups here, the occasional downs there..but we had each other and that made each day a cakewalk. Dude, you rock.

The year ended with a bang. We re-did our place and all of a sudden, our house became a home. I never realized what it lacked, till we added it. Nothing mucho grande, just a few personal touches here and there and we were both ever so pleased.

My folks were here, for all of a glorious month - which explains my absence from my corner. I feel as if this is when they really got to bond with dude and vice versa. It was heart warming to see them together.
They left last week. *sigh*
I'm terribly close to my folks, so I'm still rather blue : (
Great memories, good times. Baby steps and all that.

But 2010 is here and it looks good. It started on a great note and you know what they say; what you do on the 1st, you'll be doing all year long.
I spent it with friends and loved ones, counting my blessings and being thankful for many little surprises.
Hope you did too.

Happy New Year once again - may this year be all you hope it to be.
Till later.