Monday, November 30, 2009


My folks are coming down to the desert to spend the festive season with us.

There are no words to describe how insanely, ridiculously, completely, 'giggly like a 5 year old' happy I am.

It's like I'm a riot of excited color on the inside.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Magtam tumkam / My prayer for you.

Happy birthday my darling.
I would have given anything to be with you today and share in your joy.

To sweep the yard for the coming guests and bring out all the vases, in anticipation of the many bouquets to come.
To gently take the gifts from your hands, as you happily accept the wishes of those who love and admire you.
To help Pops with the hundreds of thousands of little things he will have to do today, on his own - I'm so proud of him! How rarely he says it, but how often he shows it.
To take pictures. Oh so many pictures of you - smiling, happy, candid ones.
To give you my gift, first.
To make sure you have some wine right in the beginning, before everyone else arrives. Wink, wink.
To help you blow out the candles.
To stand with Papa and sing the saud for you.

But I will be with you in spirit.
Thanking the good Lord above for who you are, for gifting you to us and for all you mean to me.
I will remember all the special things we do - the cooking, reading, crosswords, chats over coffee, laughs over the phone even when at work, the goodnight stories, the hymns we sing.
I will remember all the difficult things you help me do - getting over my stammer, writing my farewell speech, saying sorry, choosing.
I will remember all the times I don't even need to look behind me - I know you are there, always.
I will remember all the times I know you are my friend first.
I will remember how beautiful you are and always have been.
I will hear your laugh and I will laugh to myself, I will feel you pull my cheeks and frown at you.
I will remember how you cried the night before our wedding and how you love dude so whole heartedly, as only you can.
I will remember how you always teach me to see the good in others.
I will remember that you are Daddy's little girl, as I am now.

I will look at myself in the mirror and realise how much like you I am.
And I will be very, very proud.

Happy birthday Mama my darling.
I love you.

Day 4 - Pic 1
- The altar at home-
- Goa, 2009 -

Our beautiful, traditional altar at home in Siolim, Goa.
Dedicated to the angel who taught me to pray and convinced me that that God had a special book with my name on it, full of golden stars for all the good things I did.
I still believe it.

My prayer for you, today and always, is for your every moment to be filled with love, joy, happiness, good health and laughter. Yes, it is a simple one. I have learnt it from you.

Have a great birthday Ma, you deserve the best.
See you soon.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Those were the days my friends!

Last week, a whole bunch of my school friends met for a reunion.
I couldn't make it thanks to work, *sighs* but all hail the wonder that is Facebook - the rest of us all over the world who couldn't make it, got to see pictures and be a part of the email planning etc that led to the big meet.

My girls, some married with adorable babies, some single hotties, some recently married - it was so great to see them all again and re-live the memories of school days gone by.
Bunking class with N&N only because we were involved in annual school celebrations, Nitz & I having a laugh over prefect-ly duties, worrying Prez as she sat behind us in class and refusing to let her keep her head on the table for more than 5 seconds!
I remember us laughing over Kir-mal's antics and Lampy! Oh Nitz and I never let you have your lunch did we? Thank your mum for us *grin*
I wish I had been able to make it, but all the same it was absolutely fabulous to see you guys again, even if it was just on photographs.

Thank you God, for Facebook.

Day 3 - Pic 1
- The School steps -
- Ibn Seena English High School, 2009 -

My first school, Ibn Seena English High School. Almost 20 years ago, I made some lifelong friends there, the forever kind.
My now pregnant Crazy Momma Sheetz and Bindi, our little princess whom we watched get married 3 years ago. How Crazy Momma & I cried!
After the 7th grade, I moved to another school and missed Ibn Seena dreadfully.
But I made new friends. The forever kind again. Especially Nitz.

Dude and some of his colleagues get together to play cricket on some weekends. The world is so small, we realised that one of his colleagues Faz and I, were actually old school mates from Ibn Seena and he was organising these games at the Ibn Seena cricket ground.
I tagged along that first time and took dude all around my old school.
He saw the spot where I would sit and study, where I first sat on a swing, my 3rd grade classroom, the steps where the whole school would gather for our morning assembly - I shared some really old memories with him.
As we walked along the assembly steps, I saw some books that had been forgotten there by some child, probably too excited to be heading home for the weekend. This is an image of that moment and each time I look at this picture, the warm old school memories come floating back.
Those were the days!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

By candlelight

So photo blogging works for me. I am pleased!

Chili and Einstein just got back from their beautiful honeymoon in Paris. They went all over the city - taking in the sights, the sounds and savoring the croissants, pastries, french shawarmas and the like.
One of the days there, they visited Notre Dame & Chili lit a candle for each person in her inner circle.
Ours was for dude and me to be deliriously happy for the rest of our lives.
Bless : )
I love you Chili girl. Congratulations again.

Day 2 - Pic 1
- Candles -
- Our 1st Anniversary, July 2009 -

For our first anniversary, we wondered and wondered what to do. We both couldn't take time off for a short holiday, so instead, we planned a weekend getaway.
It was lovely to have that weekend together & only dude and I know how much we had to do, just to get that time off.
After a sumptuous dinner, we went for a walk by the beach and then wandered around the hotel. We came to a lovely lobby area that had the most exquisite candle arrangement right in the centre. This image is of that arrangement.

The candles, the warmth, the occasion, dude and me together in that moment - it was all so beautiful.
The world stopped.

In times like these

Hi all : )
I'm missed blogging these past 2 weeks. But immediately after the wedding of the year, my boss went on leave and now, I've got a tough November ahead of me.
Virtual 'feel better' hugs are welcome.

Since I'm short on time, I've decided to take a leaf out of Chili's book & convert my space to a photo blog for a bit. I think it may be easier - let's see how that goes.

Day 1 - Pic 1
- Boots -
- Diwali 2009 -

I took a few pics this Diwali. As I did, I realised how much I've seen Dora & Boots grow over the past 3 years.
When I met Dora she was 4. So small, so clumsily cute. She turns 7 next month. SEVEN. Goodness.

Boots has gone from being the toddler who made the most adorable mistakes with words like 'friend' (which became pendu) and 'smell' (which translated to slom), to a confident little 4 year old.

I am blessed to see them growing up.

This image is of Boot's bangle adorned wrist - taken this Diwali. She was so proud of her many, prettily colored choodis (Hindi for 'bangles') and insisted that I take a picture.

For you, Boots. In memory of a Diwali you may not remember, but one of the many I will not forget.

Till later.