Sunday, May 23, 2010

The IT angel

A lot of people have told me that my blog is a happy place to be. I'm generally cheerful and it comes out on my blog - stuff like that. I can usually think of happy moments in my day...but today - nothing.

Today, all day, I've tried to shake the thought of the Mangalore AI crash. I spent all of yesterday reading about it, watching it on the news, praying. It's hard to imagine that somewhere in all this madness and grief, there is meant to be some sanity. I tried really hard today. But it kept creeping back into my mind, like I still needed to think about it, pray some more...I don't know.

When I was a kid, my mum and dad used to always say that whenever we travelled, we'd travel together. I'd never get it.
When flights would get delayed, airports would get things wrong, one of us would be ill abroad - mum would say, 'Never mind, at least we're together!' I'd never get it.
When things got bad with Dad's hand (my dad has a condition called dystonia. Long story. And no, he doesn't suffer from it. He's Superman, is my Pa.) mum and dad would always smile through everything...and as I grew, I realized that all that mattered to them, was that we were together. I still didn't get it completely.

Today - I got it.
A guy who works in my company, along with his wife and two children, passed away in the crash. I did not know him personally, but I remember him as a guy who was always laughing and whose eyes crinkled when he smiled. He worked in IT and was always so so helpful. I remember him as a guy who never said no.
As I thought about him and saw his picture today, I realised that somewhere, I was glad that he was with his family and they were all together. Don't think me mean or cold hearted. But I get what mum meant - all those times. To be together...would be better than being left behind.

I think my heart would just break and I'd die inside if I lost someone I loved. I don't know how else to say it.

To all those who lost their lives yesterday...and to all those you've left prayers are with you, as are so many others.

And to you...our smiling IT angel...we remember you. Bless.

Friday, May 7, 2010

By the window

It's been a while since I slept in at the weekend.
This morning, I woke up (damn body clock) and checked the time. Then remembered it was Friday (for all you out of towners, Friday is the weekend here in Dxb), enjoyed my silent victory over the folks at the Alarm Dept at Nokia and blissfully drifted back to Dreamland.

Dude and I are slowly settling into our new place and it's lovely. Did I mention we shifted? Again? No, no - no gypsy thing going on, but thanks to the recession, rents came down, flats got bigger and we found a place we loved. One of those places where you enter the front door with the real estate guy in front of you, rattling on and on about about how awesome the place is and the 2 of us looking at each other and silently going WHOAAAA!! and giving each other high fives in the air. Yeah, one of those. *grin*

So I spent this morning, snug on my favorite couch, looking out over the city at our gorgeous view, sipping my coffee a la Patty and drinking it all in.
May you all have the awesomest of weekends.

*raises coffee mug*

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Knot tying.

So a lot of our friends are in and around the Marriage Zone.

Either just married, getting engaged, planning weddings or finally deciding that 'she's the one'.
It's a lovely feeling to be surrounded by all these lovey dovey boys 'n girls. *grin*

Dude and I are close to so many of them.
Guys I've known for a decade finally realise what they've always wanted in a woman and to then miraculously find she was right there - warms my heart.
A little girl I remember singing in a crowded room, all dressed in white with her hair in curls - got married last week and is a gorgeous Mrs. D'Cunha now.
A guy I've known so well and trusted so much - my 'call in the middle of the night and I'll be there' friend. He's in love and the soft smile on his face when I asked him if this was what he wanted..ohh to be a part of something so precious!
My little Biscotti who's all of 21 this month, sending me a song and telling me it was going to be her 'special wedding entrance' song for her dance troupe - bless!

Some of you are just married...and I think I've said the same thing to everyone.
Marriage rocks.

Don't get me wrong. Be ready for the fights, the disagreements, the 'toilet lid, toothbrush,my side of the bed' conversations. There'll be times when you can't stand each other and literally feel like you married a woolly headed mammoth in disguise.

But then, there'll be the other times.
When you share a portion of curly fries while you're engrossed in an episode of Criminal Minds.
Then you suddenly glance at each after a suspense filled moment...and smile coz you love that you can enjoy it with each other.
When you play house. Putting up pictures, moving furniture, talking about what goes where. And you feel all warm inside coz you realise that Mr. Macho is a real homebody at heart who cares about the color of the rug just as much as you do.
When you cook together. Even if it's French Toast for dinner. It's breakfast to you, but coz he loves the way you make it - you still go ahead and everyone's happy - he gets his happy dinner and you're all goofy happy coz he likes it that much in the first place.
When he wakes up early just to drop you to work.
When he gets you a doughnut as a peace offering.
All the many hugs. Bless.

The good will always outweigh the bad. So much so you won't remember it.
(Ehh? Bad?? Whaaa?)

So congratulations y'all. Marriage is not for the weak hearted, but it rocks the boat like nothing else.

And for those of you, my special single ones - you've got it right. When you get that feeling that this is the one whose worst habit still makes you smile when you think of them...then you'll really know.

Till later, adieus.