Friday, August 28, 2009

The pecans

My mum loves ice cream.
She has a single, most favorite flavour, vanilla.
We could be in the poshest parlour in Europe, London Dairy, Baskin Robbins, Vadilals or even the little shop in Bombay that sells ice-cream out of those over-sized cardboard boxes.
It's always vanilla.
But when mum realised that I had tired of it, she introduced me to Butter Pecan.
So here's the thing, I didn't like the ice-cream. I however, LOVED the pecans. I'd tell mum to have the butter pecan cone and give me the pecans. *grins*
One day she told me that I needed to have the rest of the ice-cream as well...mix it up with the pecans and perhaps it wouldn't taste so bad.
Thus bringing me to my point.

Off late, life has been...well, a bit taxing. Blame the recession, blame the summer, take your pick. But thanks to mum and her lesson on the pecans...I've still had a great time.
My friend Zee at work. She forces me to stop for a cuppa. We laugh over the stories we share of the few hours past (since our last cuppa yesterday!)

Chili is a constant source of fun, laughter and endless conversations. Her upcoming wedding is almost always doing the rounds in my head. I love all the thinking and planning that's going into it - I'm thrilled to be a part of it.

Dude. One of my best friends. We fight, we laugh, all of it. It's not picture perfect, but bless him, I love every minute.

Dora, Boots, Pats and more recently, Tatt Boy. And oh, a peacock wall we're painting. We're having the bestest time. I heart you guys.

And me. Yes, me too. I've realised my mind and heart don't allow me to be down for too long. It's like I've been conditioned to be happy. And I'm ever so grateful.

My pecans are taking me through the summer, through the rough, through the rocky roads.
Thanks mama...who knew I'd learn so much over an ice-cream.


  1. Oh Rose.. Its so not worth it being down.. Be happy.. Nothing can be as important as a smile on you rface or on the facees of those you truly love...

    And remember whatever happens.. is always for the best..

  2. What a wonderful post! Thanks for sharing the story, it's a wonderful way to look for the brighter side of life.

  3. I agree Pats - it's all part of that giant butter pecan cone in the sky!
    @ Shalini - thank you :) my mum's full of lovely stories, as are all mums no?!

  4. Guess vanilla is either in the family or that was the only flavour availble then ... no, we had milk ice-creams too! Yummy!

  5. Pascal - yes, mama too says it was the nicest flavor available at the time! I keep trying to convice her to mix it with cake, chocolate sauce, anything - but she flat refuses. 'You cannot improve on perfection,' she says.
    You agree no?!