Sunday, April 10, 2011

At the heart of it all

Our lives get so crazy busy sometimes, don't they?

There's hardly enough time to get through the day.. from rushed mornings, manic office hours, traffic, the home routine, sports, other commitments, this, that and the other. I often can't tell where my week ends and my weekend begins!
No, I'm not complaining, not at all. I'm grateful that I go to bed tired, but content.

Sometimes though, it's hard to make time, even for those we love. We try and try and sometimes, the effort ends up leaving you even more tired than before.
I felt guilty initially - was it horrid that I had to literally allot time to people who meant so much to me - to meet, to sms, to email? Shouldn't it come naturally? Not like, (for lack of a better word) a chore?

But the more I thought about it, the more I realised that it was ok. To me, at least.
It meant that I loved someone enough to stop my crazy roundabout called life for a few seconds and let that someone know I thought of them. And it worked in my favor too.

I may have just sent you a joke on e-mail.
Or you asked someone to give me a hug 'coz I wasn't there when you met them.
You had a dahi batata puri and thought of me.
I left you a smiley on your facebook wall.
You told someone I mattered to you. I found out, quite by mistake.
I heard a song that reminded me of you and I called you.
You click a picture of something in a supermarket - just coz it has my name on it. *grins*
You ask me to say a prayer for you.
I was praying for you even when you hadn't yet asked me.
You remember things I least expect you too and it makes me smile.
We make teams and I'm on yours. Coz that's just how it always is!
I don't see you, but I miss you.
We share a memory, across many miles. And it means just as much either way.
We worry about each other.
I remember that you're allergic to mushrooms.
We have a secret coffee spot. And it's special coz it's ours.

These are only a few...but if you give yourself a minute to think about it, the list simply refuses to end.
I guess we don't always realise how blessed we are... And if you don't like the word 'blessed', feel free to use fortunate, popular, lucky.
But I have news for you. It's still a blessing, damn straight.

When Dude and I got married, we did a lot of it on our own. We started smaller than small and footed our own bills. We gave up a few luxuries, but it didn't matter - we were together, we did the little things, we were happy.
We've mountain climbed over the last 2 and a half years and are finally on more level, higher ground. We have more than enough and are happy, as always.
Over the weekend, we went shopping. And Dude bought me the engagement ring we couldn't afford back then. He turned my heart to choux pastry when he said, "I know I couldn't give it to you then, but I want to do this now." Bless.
We followed that up with entering a sports shop looking for swimming goggles.
Uff, the romance. *grins* But I wouldn't have it any other way!

I hope you realise how much you're loved.
It's the nicest feeling when you don't see it...and then suddenly you do.

Till later.


  1. Moved me to tears, Rose. I don't know what to write.. speechless :)

  2. Muaaaah....such a lovely pc to read !

  3. This was one of the sweetest posts i've ever happened to come across.