Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The thing about Twitter

I've always believed that I should never sit down to write when my heart is sad. Yet I do it now, in the belief that my love for writing will somehow...sort things out.

Good grief no, I'm not going to pour out my sorrows onto this page, I'd need to pay you therapy fees then, yes?! (I just imagined people leaning forward with an "I'm listening." *grins* Frasier-much?) Things get better. Bad moments pass. I'm just in the middle of a passing baddie right now.

I've recently started using Twitter again. The bird never really 'settled' with me till a little while ago...I thought it to be a bit of a bother, especially when I was flooded with random tweets - hourly, nay, minute by minute updates, on peoples lives. Eessh. I don't want to know every detail of your day. Even if you are a sell-out star or author. If you do have that much to say, you turn to the other great gift of the www - the blog. Knock yourself out.

But Twitter grows on you. Especially if you're following the right people. Style, news, fashion, wit, humor, sports, movies - you can find something that's right up your alley. I enjoy the tweets of a few celebrities. Steve Martin, John Cleese and Ranvir Shorey are current favorites.

I have a lot to learn about a few interesting people I follow - Sidin Vaducut is a writer. For now unfortunately, that's all I know, but I plan on getting my hands on a book of his soon. Also he's an ex Gulfie. That's instant identification, right there!

Rofl Indian. That's his name, apparently. Check it out. For giggles and news and a few rofl moments.

Between Facebook, Twitter and blogging, Twitter is winning the race in terms of convenience. And of course, something to do when you're waiting alone for the elevator. And our fair friend Faebook, has a new format. Yes I hear the grunts and groans, but hey, you're still on it aren't you? If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

But blogging stays my favorite, comfort zone perhaps. You're welcome to follow, like, eat with your hands if you must. It's not so much social net-working...just perhaps creating your own little social dot of a planet. People can come by if they like, settle down, build house...but you don't care if you're the smallest planet, or if they name you or not, or if you're considered to be part of the galaxy of other, much bigger, more prominent dots. Pictures, thoughts, memories, opinions - it's all yours.
Such a nice feeling to have something you call your own.

Here's a shot from Thailand, earlier this year. We were at some ruins, surrounded by monuments in rock and stone. Some kid recreated one of the taller structures, with stones and pebbles. Very Zen-ish thoughts came to mind. No mountain is too big to be broken down into smaller pieces. Anything can be overcome.

And voila, the heart is lighter. And smiling.
Whaddya know.


  1. Ya you are right nothing can beat blogging,luved ur write up

  2. I've given up on twitter.. I think!! so where are you this week?

  3. Great post! Stumbled upon your blog via Twitter though. :) I had gotten very addicted to the 140-character medium, and forgotten my blog in the process. I've made the effort to revive writing. For myself. Though I still love Twitter... It's given me a lot in the past two-and-a-half years: breaking stories, potential recruits for work, information, help, and most importantly, new friends and a great circle to network with.

    Good luck with your blog. And hope you do give tweeting another chance. :)