Monday, April 23, 2012

34 years later - it's still the little things.

A match made in heaven. 

I've heard those words countless times over the last few years. I've watched so many of our friends get married or engaged...and there's always this one wise old someone or the other; who looks at the couple, smiles and says, "Such a match made in heaven". 

I didn't always understand it. I still don't. Not entirely at least. 
Here's this couple...just setting out on their new life together. There's so much to learn, know, see, raise an eyebrow at, be amused with...all with this person who just placed a ring on their finger. Fights to be had, meals to be made, hands to be held. Ups, downs, roses, thorns, the whole cocktail that is married life. And yet, here, right at the beginning of everything...someone claims it's a match made in heaven. 

I think finding out that it's a heaven sent something that we constantly learn. 

In the arms that hold you when you cry and the strength that moves you onward in times of pain and difficulty. 

In the friendship that makes breakfast with you and helps you do the laundry. Sometimes, even mixing colors with whites, but hey - clean is clean, right?!

It's in the eyes that watch you with pride when you excel...when you try...when you just are. 

You'll find it in the quiet support that you learn to depend upon...even without looking. It's there. 

It's in the hands that hold yours for a dance when a special song is played - no matter where you are. The kitchen, a dance floor, a picnic...the song and the moment are yours. 

It's a gentle surprise in the faith that is placed in you. No matter how the world sees will always believe the best of you. I don't think you ever really get used to it. 

It's in the fact that years still find a reason to laugh together, walk together, chat about random things...hold hands. 

Dude and I are nowhere close to all this, but we're on the long road that is forever...and the journey looks nice from where we are. We've seen some experts though. Everyday, all the time, each conversation - I learn something new about love from them that I did not know before. The world should be so lucky. 

It amazes me that a couple who've been married for 34 years, still have quiet giggles just between them. They exchange looks and speak volumes. Dad stands in the kitchen and chats with Mum while she washes the dishes. Mum rushes out of the car to open the gates to our home so that Dad can bring the car in. They watch cricket together. They pray together. They still love to have pizza dates together. Bless. 

I wrote this post listening to this on's my mama and papa's wedding special, from 34 years ago. 

I may not be that old and wise someone, but after all I've known, seen and been a part of...this is the kinda stuff matches in heaven are made of. 

Happy 34th Wedding Anniversary, my angels. 
Here's to many more pizzas, waltzes, shared bars of chocolate - the little things.

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