Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I am from happiness.

Sometime last year, I came upon a little slice of joy on the www.

It's an online magazine called She Loves. You can find it here and you're bound to spend a while there, browsing through everything. The love just jumps off the screen and envelops you into a ginormous hug of warmth and caring.

So when I read this post by the Editor, Idelette - it made me think. This one, right here.  
It made me want to write. So write I did. It was one of those writing times...which makes you go over who you are, your entire life...and in a matter of a few words, make up the puzzle that is you.

I am from good times.

From books and friendships, love and long chats over coffee.

I am from a Dad who gave his little girl a book all wrapped up, to gift mum on Mother’s Day. Mum had chosen it herself.  From many small, inexpensive Christmas gifts. Beautiful marbles, that sparkled like no jewel ever could.

From school breaks and bus rides home, filled with chatter and laughter.  From singing, saving for holidays and big family weekends.

I am from silence and prayers.

Moments of willing God to sort out the unthinkable, take the pain away, make a situation better.  Of silent, often tearful thanks, for mercies granted.  From learning that God, is above all else; my friend.

I am from strength. I am from fear.
From the brave pack of lions and lionesses that taught me that there was nothing to fear, except fear itself. Only roads to explore, lessons to learn.

I am from defining moments.
From watching my husband hold our little girl for the first time. The world became a better place. The world became a scarier place.

I am from desire. Constantly wanting more, working for it, praying about it.
I am from happiness.
With mum and dad – singing, praying, eating, holidaying – together. From an only child with no brothers and sisters…to the quiet confidence of knowing that I have friends who are family, who are angels, who are mine.

I am from the hand that held mine and asked to hold it forever.

I am from a thankful place. For the life I was born with, the life I am living and the life I want to lead.

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