Monday, January 12, 2015

Two is such a big number.

Leah turned two today. 

I didn't think it was possible, but she's even more perfect now, than when she turned one. 

We brought in her birthday with balloons, singing, dancing and much noise and merriment. She was thrilled and kept taking a bow, something she has recently learnt to do, much to our delight. We cut a little cake and our little girl felt rather shy, bless her heart. She was yelling 'thank you, thank you!' at the top of her voice as the balloons bobbed around her and we sang the birthday song in all the languages we know. 
She blew out her own candles this year....for me, that was new. 

At bedtime, our knackered princess hugged her Gappy goodnight and as he blessed her, she said, in her matter of fact way, 'I'm very happy.' Ara and I were showered with kisses. She wanted only her Gammy to put her to bed. 

When and where, O little one, did you pick up all this? What were you watching, what did you think and how much did you learn when we didn't even know you were paying attention?! You amaze us every day with the little person you are becoming. We see this strong, loving, gentle, often stubborn personality, slowly coming through. You are a reflection of all the people who love you ever so much, and you are a testament of the love of a precious God, our special friend. 

Someday, I hope you will read this and smile. Your second birthday was just like every other day, but it was so special at the same time. Because you see joy in the little things, my princess. In wrapping paper and nonsense and family meals and tickle-time and playing hide and seek. 

I hope you always see the little things. And know, deep down in your heart, that they are really the big things. 

Happy birthday, my Leedoo. 
Here is the secret I have been whispering to you almost every day, for the past year. You rush to me, excited to hear it each time. And when I whisper it to you, you look at me and whoever else is around you, in complete glee. 

You are my favourite. 
You always will be. 
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Papa and I love you very, very much. You make us want to be better people every day. You remind us to look at the world with love. You are our everything. 
Two, to such a big, big number.

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