Thursday, June 25, 2009

Teekhi Mirchi or The Spicy Chili

I've been blessed with many good friends over the years.
One of the most recent is someone I knew in college - we were friends then. Not the 'let's dress like alike and giggle in a corner' type, we were your normal, everyday friends. Then college ended and we didn't really keep in touch.
About 3 years ago, we got to talking again. And this time, (thankfully) we didn't stop. We clicked somehow, more than we did in college and it was nice to be able to slip into that old 'comfort zone' again.
In these 3 years, she's become one of my closest friends. I'll call her Chili, shall I?

I could tell you volumes about Chili. Our lives connect on so many levels now or we choose and will them to connect. But I shall introduce you to her slowly. She's a gem.

Chili and I talk. We talk about everything. We talk like it's going out of fashion. We talk about clothes and films and life and people and photography and dreams and food and and and and. It's great to be able to have that with someone - the ability to talk about anything, anywhere and never get bored. We've sat through some seriously crappy movies, but we've had fun because we giggled through even the bad bits. Talking to Chili is one of my favorite things to do.

My Chili's getting married soon. She's super cute as the soon to be bride. Trying to keep it all together, but fretting so much at the same time. Dude and I recently attended a ceremony held by her family - one in which the community welcomes the soon to be married couple, with much joy, dancing and lots of flashy jewellery. It was nice to see her and her soon to be habibi (beloved in arabic). I watched her smile and hug and pose for pictures. And my heart smiled. Dude knew what I was thinking and he squeezed me hand saying, 'They look good, don't they?'

They did. They do. They will.
Congratulations Chili. Love you.


  1. Chili makes it too obvious who she is by the use of a chili as her display picture in your "blog followers" section...

    Good, so if I ever see her now I will annoy her by calling her "MDH ki Dhegi Miruch"....

  2. Awwww... I love this Chili post!! And Congratulations to Chili... they sure look good together... and she is super cute!

    oh.. you forgot... you sing those horrible songs together... And I think... Govinda.. keeps the two of you connected... I suggest you write to him and thank him for it...

    Bless you both... and your friendship...

  3. @ Sushi - what on earth gave you the idea she was trying to hide it?!! lol...I remember that ad. Goodness.

    @ Pats - Those are some AWESOME songs Pats! I promise to give you my 'Govinda Lyrics' book soon. It's one of my prized possessions *grin*

  4. Aw... good friends like that are a treasure.

    Hey ... maybe Dude's getting ideas. *heh*

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  6. *smile* So this was lovely. I didn't expect you to do it when I put up that comment. Remind me to demand a million bucks from you next time.

    Oh, and one more thing. My eyes welled up in the end. There. I said it. Its out there now. No takesies backsies.

    @Pats - *blush* Thanks P!
    @Sushil - "Kitchen king ho, yaan garam masala, chunky chaat ka masala, yaan chane ka masaala. Kasuri methi yaan deghi mirach... Asli masale sach sach. M. D. H, MDH!"

  7. @ Jo - they are :) And dude - well you never know!

    @ Chili - I heart you.

  8. hey dear... i'm so much falling in love with your blog.. even i have a friend just like you have..

    Chili- congrats!!

    have a gr8 life deaR!!

  9. @Sheetal - I think I won't call you MDH ki dhegi mirach... I suddenly feel it will annoy me more than it will annoy you... especially if you start singing that song!

  10. hey i have tagged you ... peep into my blog!

  11. Que ótimo você compará-la a uma pimenta.
    Adoro as pimentas.
    Todas as amizades boas são sempre bem apimentadas...Desejo sorte a sua amiga com o casamento.