Friday, January 22, 2010

The wonder that is Facebook.

I uploaded a lot of pictures on my Facebook profile this afternoon.
Mostly of December when Mum and Dad were here, the stuff we did, the places we visited, familly, friends etc. (Yes, I do it pretty often, guilty as charged!)

My favorite is one of us at Christmas, right in front of our beautiful tree.
We had just gone for Christmas morning mass, had a nice breakfast together and visited close family to wish them. We got back home and posed for a series of pictures and had a ball of a time!!

When I posted that particular picture, I was rather taken aback at the number and nature of comments it got. Friends I made more than 10 years ago, family friends who haven't been in touch in ages, college friends, some people I don't even know that well...all who remembered my folks.

My parents pray a lot. They pray for us, out here in the concrete jungle, amongst other things.
And then they pray for the people who have touched our lives and theirs, in ways we may not remember, but our hearts will not forget. Verbatim.

I was amazed that some of those people felt such nice feelings towards my folks. Their comments on our Christmas memory picture, were simply sweet and really touching.

Facebook may have a tons of flaws and may be called addictive and a waste of time and all the rest. I've read all the negative articles and I've heard a few parental concerns on it.
But at times like this, it's just pretty darned awesome.


  1. aaaaawwwww... true that.. FB rocks!!

  2. I totally agree with your on this...I know it's addictive and I have concern when my 10 year old and 6 year old get into FB. But the positives really out weigh the negative we hear. I have caught up with my long lost friends from grade 5 and 10. It helped me to meet a friend in person after 18 or 19 years. Thanks to FB for a great job.

  3. Thank God for FB!!! Well done Shan!!

  4. im happy you got some nice comments about the picture you posted :] i love it when that happens !

    i guess SOMEONE is miss popular on facebook ^_^

  5. post it here, so we can see it too :):)
    Hey, visiting after a long,long time.. :):) how`ve you been?

  6. Madame, you have been awarded. You can collect the award from my page.

  7. yea FB is completely fun and addictive !