Sunday, January 10, 2010

2010. Damn!!

H'lo sundaris. Or lovelies, if you're feeling English.

Hope you've all had a fab start to 2010, with an even better festive season behind you.
Where on earth did the decade go? Goodness me, I feel rather dinosaur-ish all of a sudden.

2009 was our year - totally. We struggled a bit, a few ups here, the occasional downs there..but we had each other and that made each day a cakewalk. Dude, you rock.

The year ended with a bang. We re-did our place and all of a sudden, our house became a home. I never realized what it lacked, till we added it. Nothing mucho grande, just a few personal touches here and there and we were both ever so pleased.

My folks were here, for all of a glorious month - which explains my absence from my corner. I feel as if this is when they really got to bond with dude and vice versa. It was heart warming to see them together.
They left last week. *sigh*
I'm terribly close to my folks, so I'm still rather blue : (
Great memories, good times. Baby steps and all that.

But 2010 is here and it looks good. It started on a great note and you know what they say; what you do on the 1st, you'll be doing all year long.
I spent it with friends and loved ones, counting my blessings and being thankful for many little surprises.
Hope you did too.

Happy New Year once again - may this year be all you hope it to be.
Till later.


  1. many little suprises?? is there something i don't know??

  2. hahhaaaa!!! oh rossaaayyy i see why you were amused!

  3. I hope the new year brings you great hope for all thing that you wish.

  4. wishing you a fab year too rosey dearest. Be good :)