Saturday, February 20, 2010

Boots and her Tink party.

Yesterday, Pats and I spent the day together after ages.

Boots 5th birthday is coming up. I personally don't understand her mad hurry to grow up, but kids these days no - they just don't get it. She insists she's a 'growed' up girl now. My precious!

Boots was torn between wanting a Hannah Montana birthday and a Tinkerbell party. The craze that is Miley Cyrus has pulled a nerve with Pats & me. Over the December hols, we all spent2 days at a hotel. The girls made a huge game out of running between hotel rooms and insisted on passwords to get in. The passwords? 'Miley Cyrus' and 'Hannah Montana'. Which were yelled out repeatedly till the door was opened. *sighs*

Thankfully though, Boots zoned in on wanting a Tink party and Pats and I were elated. Not that we have anything against the Cyrus family or Montana franchise...but our girls are still girls - for this year at least! We spent most of yesterday hunting and shopping for birthday decorations, give-aways and this, that and the other. We've done in many times before, but it was nice yesterday after ever so long - just Pats, Boots and me.

Boots was mighty helpful - and never forgot to mention to us that we were shopping for HER birthday, so she HAD to help with everything and was NOT to be shushed and moved to the side. So, she was literally in the middle of us at all times. Lol....theres was this instance where Pats and I were searching for something quite seriously and were checking all the possible hooks in the aisle of a mondo crowded shop. Boots, was helping.
Then suddenly, she looked up at us and said, " Can I be in the middle of you?" Pats and I couldn't help laughing, coz in the middle of all the commotion, heat and noise, our little one still felt that today - her world was the three of us and her gorgeous party.

We had a great breakfast first thing in the morning - hot wadas, a masala dosa and filter coffee.
If you're Indian - you know the feeling : )
If you're not, you totally need to experience it - make an Indian friend in a hurry, or call me when you're in town!

All in all - a lovely day. Pats, I heart you.


  1. in a long time... no.. Rose... Dora's flipflop madness was only 3 months ago!! I totally loved the stuff we got yesterday.. It was all tinker & pirate with such little effort...

    Yes.... I want coffee.. & gossip.. without this kid in the middle... and birthday talk please!!

  2. :):) lovely, lovely!! What a happy, feel-good post this is :)

  3. Oh how nice! 'Growed' up and 'Super eat'! Love you. Pama

  4. Really enjoyable read :) Will hopefully catch up with you and Pat over coffee one of these days :)