Thursday, February 11, 2010

For Dude.

I remember the night we met. Oh, what a night.

It was a party, a friend of a friend. I got dragged there, so did you. The whole night passed and then suddenly, you asked me to dance. The rest as they say, is history.

Who was responsible?
Shorty, the guy whose house it was,whom we had never met before and who is a good friend now?
Was it your best man, Tatt Boy? Who forced you to come, telling you it wouldn't be so bad?
Nando? He called me relentlessly, till I finally agreed to stop by with a friend.
Vinx - the guy who actually introduced us, seconds before our first dance?

Whoever it was, all of you - thank you!!

'Coz that night, I met someone I chose to spend my life with. I met a guy with a heart of gold, who loves me and loves me and just when I think it's not possible, he'll love me some more.

Every so often, I look at you and feel a little giddy headed. What a precious man you are and how special must the Big guy upstairs think I am, to give you to me. I remember that night and am thankful that you chose to spend the rest of your life with me too.
(truth must be told, there are several other times when I look at you and want to throw everything but the kitchen sink at you - but let's leave that for a later post. = D )

My prayer for you is one that is close to my heart.
May you see, every day, how amazing you can be and may you never stop reaching for the stars. May your honesty, simplicity and good heartedness, always be the core of you, as they are now.
And may you always know, how very very much, this girl loves you.

Happy Birthday dude.
*hands over heart in a gift wrapped box*

Luv 'ya.


  1. Thank you my dear for all the beautiful things that you write about me...!!! It makes wonder what life would be... had i not come to that party, what life would be without my main man 'tatt boy' or our sis... and all those countless blessings... but then again the BIG GUY upstairs surely works wonders and all of you are testament to that for me. YOU ESPECIALLY... B'days feel like something else spending them with you... I'm thankful & grateful for having you in my life.
    As Tony Stark said before he jumped of the plane: " U complete me." :)

  2. lou lou lou!! happy v day to you rosey. your lou story has a marshmallow-like fluffyness to it. :) hugg

  3. ROSE MARY... Dont you dare throw the sink at him... thats for me to do!!!! *grins*

    Yes... I have a collection of sinks.. that I want to throw at that brother of mine... but wont do it today...

    I love him... and hence dont have a choice but to love you... (gosh what a difficult life)..

    Happy Birthday.. my sweet heart..

  4. Beautiful!! You need to be able to get the kitchen sink out first before you throw it at "dude" so I guess, he's safe :D

  5. Happy Birthday to our dude!!! God bless you both always. Lovely post Shan!!!

  6. I have always been here in the corner... but asleep. I'm just catching up all that I missed. (did that rhyme?) Happy Birthday, Michael. I know it's July but that's why it's called a belated greeting.