Friday, May 7, 2010

By the window

It's been a while since I slept in at the weekend.
This morning, I woke up (damn body clock) and checked the time. Then remembered it was Friday (for all you out of towners, Friday is the weekend here in Dxb), enjoyed my silent victory over the folks at the Alarm Dept at Nokia and blissfully drifted back to Dreamland.

Dude and I are slowly settling into our new place and it's lovely. Did I mention we shifted? Again? No, no - no gypsy thing going on, but thanks to the recession, rents came down, flats got bigger and we found a place we loved. One of those places where you enter the front door with the real estate guy in front of you, rattling on and on about about how awesome the place is and the 2 of us looking at each other and silently going WHOAAAA!! and giving each other high fives in the air. Yeah, one of those. *grin*

So I spent this morning, snug on my favorite couch, looking out over the city at our gorgeous view, sipping my coffee a la Patty and drinking it all in.
May you all have the awesomest of weekends.

*raises coffee mug*


  1. ha ha ha.... you are slowing beginning to sound like me... or is it the other way round.. that I sound like you?? huuummm... thought for next post!!!

    Rose... I missed you this weekend... I'm glad you guys are settling in...

    And the gorgeous view.. you mean... where you can see.. Warqa... DMC, Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa... and everything else.. from the window of yours... Which makes you think.. that you are in heaven no???

    You've truly got an awesome view...

  2. I've taken a leaf out of your book with the window and the coffee Pats! : )
    Our view is heavenly - come home soon - seriously!! *grins*

  3. Haha. Nice. Enjoy ur new home.:) Wish much happiness.