Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Let there be love

The only solace in death, is the belief that your loved one is in the arms of an angel. And is happy.

My extended family lost a lovely lady today. I only ever knew her as Aunty Benny.
For as long as I can remember, she had a naughty dance in her eyes and always chuckled away at a good joke.
She was a wife, a mother, an aunt, a Nani (granny) and one of those women who you just want to see smile.
It's hard to explain.

Today, when I thought of her and the family she has left behind, I remembered. Nice little memories. This one is my favorite.

Aunty Benny and Uncle Freddy celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary here in Dubai several years ago. A week or so before the celebration, they were at our place for dinner and we had a lot of family over as well.
Somehow, in all the chatter, we decided to have an impromptu rehearsal of the upcoming occasion. As in all Goan houses, *grin* we had several fake flower arrangements all over the place. Aunty Benny's daughter grabbed one and handed them to her mum. And then they actually did a little walk down our corridor amidst much laughter! Other family members rehearsed what they would say to honor the lovely couple. In a corner, Aunty Benny was telling my mum the story of a powerful prayer and a beautiful rosary.
They looked lovely at their anniversary and she was beautiful! They danced, Uncle Freddy sang, they were surrounded by their children, grandchildren and friends and family. How often do you get to be at a 50th Wedding Anniversary? It was something else.

I wish I had more memories of her, but the few I have will always be special.

To a life well lived, to a soul well loved,
to a darling woman who will be greatly missed - mog assun Aunty Benny.


  1. aaaww.... Rose.. such a cute post... Makes you realise how important little memories are... and how important just being together and celebrating anything is...

    Which means.. I need a 'coke party'.. Where is that Lee... & Sav... ??!! when i need them..

  2. Shan, so very sweet!!! Love u and God bless always. Pama

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  4. came from pats blog. lovely writing dear.keep writing ..
    i hope if memories could be framed,i would have done it.