Sunday, March 6, 2011

And just like that...

...a new year began.

Sometimes I haven't a clue where the days seem to rush off too. I hardly have time to finish off one to-do list and I'm already crossing the T's and dotting the I's on the next one! (You'd think I'd have learnt more from Pats by now, huh.)

It was a glorious end to 2010. New ventures, warm memories, so many of us together again. Looking back at the year that was; I am thankful. For the good, the bad, the lessons I've learnt.
I wasn't yet done with 2010, but it was done with me and had given me all it had to. I stood at the threshold of the new year and I'll admit - I was scared. Of the unknown, the future, the anxiety of possibilities...yes, I was excited...but sometimes the line between excitement and wariness seems to blur itself out in all the noise we make.

But 2011 has literally hugged me at the door and whisked me in for a cup of coffee and biscuits.
Blessings and friends and joy and good news - as far as the eye can see. And that feeling I recognize creeps up on me again...I am thankful.

It's not that sad or difficult times don't happen. They do.
People die. Friends leave town. Bad news rears its head ever so often. Job opportunities are lost, money doesn't seem to stay where you want it too, you hurt about something...the stuff that happens in all our lives.

But the amazing bit is that when you look at in retrospect a little realize that it taught you something, it was for the best, you have a 'thank goodness that happened after all' moment. It isn't always easy to do...but there you go.

Come by to mine and I promise to share my high tea of 2011 with you. And remember to return the favor when I run out of bourbons and cream tarts.

Till later.

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