Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A difference of opinion

It's Womens Day today. Ash Wednesday tomorrow.
And I've been down with the worst flu for the last week.

How does it all piece together? Well, since I managed to catch this dreadful bug, I seem to spend the better part of the day coughing, gulping down medicine, drinking hot water or dozing.
Fun times. *pulls a face*
But I've also spent a lot of time listening. And that's my point.

So many people have so many different opinions about everything. No, it's not something new, but it's interesting to observe and you can get quite caught up in the thought processes that are thrown around. When all you seem to do is pour yourself another mug of hot tea and honey, you learn profound things about the world.
Now, I get why so many people just sit at roadside cafes and watch the world go by. There's so much to see, hear, be a part of, be amused at.

Womens Day. Smile with pride or frown with disdain?
There's the left side of the room who say WHY? Why do you need a specific day to be nice to women and tell them how great they are? Why don't you do that everyday? The rest of the year you treat them badly and then 'whammo' on the 8th of March, you shower them with flowers and praise and what not?
You have to admit, there's a point somewhere in all that.

Then the right side of the room makes some noise. Why not, they ask? Is it such a bad thing to take one day out of the year to honor womenfolk and salute them for all they do? We've all read the mails where women can take more pain, have more heart, be more loving and this and that and the next thing; why shouldn't they get a day that's just for them? Bring on the art exhibitions, the bouquets, the seminars.

It made me think for a bit...as to which camp I belonged to. I sat in the middle of the room on a chair with my knees to my chin, deep in thought. And I realised that that's exactly where I was. I believe that women should be treated with love, respect, honor, friendship. I believe that everyone should be treated that way. 24/7, 365 days a year. I believe that we should at least try to honor all that is good in us...men or women. Trying is good.

But hey, you ain't never gonna catch me saying no to a Womens Day hug, a few flowers at the office entrance or a special song dedication on the radio. We don't celebrate each other everyday...but on this one day....it's nice to see random women in the halls greet each other with a wish for the day that celebrates who they are. It was nice to hear my mums voice this morning; "Happy Womens Day Shan!' It's nice to feel special. So I'm all for it.

Another hot topic has been Ash Wednesday and what are you going to give up for the season of Lent? The room went quite mad on that one.
Again, the same comparisons. Don't give up chocolate, alcohol, meat etc, just for Lent and indulge for the rest of the year. Don't try to be a different person during this time, it's meant to change who you are for life and not for just a month. GOD IS WATCHING YOU!!
Again...it can't possibly be that bad to acknowledge that you want to make a sacrifice, no matter how small.... right? During this time, you may personally choose to give up something you enjoy...and in that silent way, you contribute. Surely, God would not object?

I don't fancy choosing camps on that either. It's all so personal isn't it, these choices we make?
And in this day and age, where we can share our opinions so freely and easily - we can influence so many. My vote goes to just observing first...sipping on the warm tea and paying close attention to everything...and then finally, sitting calmly on that cozy beanbag in your mind...you choose what you stand for. To each his own.

Gosh, who knew what the flu could do.

Till later.

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