Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Girl Hugo

You know that feeling you get when you know you've made your first real friend?
The kind of friendship that lasts forever, the kind of person you're going to know and love, till you're old and grey? 
That's my girl, Hugo. 

It feels like I've known her since forever. We're very alike, yet extremely different at the same time. We love old comedies, memorizing songs from animated movies, good food and laughing out loud. 

I realize that this may sound like a lot of friendships. From the outside, perhaps it is just one of many. 

But to me, she's the one my heart and mind have no barriers with. She is the friend with whom I am myself. There are no invisible walls, no second thoughts, no what ifs and maybes. 
She knows the real me and she sees through and through, to the person on the inside. And no matter what I am or who I become to the rest of the world, she will always know the real me. 

Friendships like ours don't need constant reaffirmation. I love her. She loves me. It's that simple. 
We don't talk everyday. Or every week. Or even every month. Life happened. We grew up. Time doesn't permit a lot of it's previous graces. But friendships like ours don't really care. We just pick up where we left off. It's like there was nothing in the middle - conversations flow on like finely melted chocolate; smooth and sweet. 
(*grins* she'd love the chocolate reference. It's one of her weaknesses.) 

I remember times when we've fought each others battles, rejoiced in one anothers victories and taken pride in even the silliest of accomplishments. I remember her standing with me when few others did, defending me even when I wasn't around. I remember sharing love stories and wedding plans. I remember her fighting for me when I hadn't the voice to fight for myself. I remember holding her when she cried. I remember seeing her in pain. And I remember laughing. Lots and lots of laughing, all the time, at just about anything. Years and years of someone to laugh with, has a tendency to leave you with the fondest of memories. 

We've come through a lot, Hugo and I. 
But the beauty in it for me; is that on the inside, we're still who we were all those years ago. 
She's still the girl who had her hair up in 2 ponytails, tied with red ribbon and I'm still the girl with the short boy cut hair and bright pink glasses. And to her heart and my heart...friendship is still that simple. 

She's my girl, is Hugo. She always will be and when it comes to her, I'll always be, where I've always been. 
Right here. 

For you, my madcap. 

Till later. 

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