Thursday, June 21, 2012

For Life.

Two Fridays ago, I was part of a mad crowd of people who were celebrating, posing for pictures, screaming, hugging, crying...we were victorious. We were and are, a part of the Hustlers family; proudly watching our team reclaim a victory that was a long time coming. 

Moments like those tend not to leave you.
Each time you think of it, the madness of the moment suddenly surrounds you again. You feel the bubbles, hear the chants, even probably remember those last few minutes that changed everything. 
It was magic. 
We may be an overly enthusiastic; sentimental group - but heck, if magic is what it was, then that's exactly what we'll call it. 

The Hustlers are back. Boo yah. 

Dude and I watched a sports movie the other day - Forever Strong. No, it isn't about basketball. 
Rugby, actually. 
But out of all the sports movies I've ever watched (and trust me, given my dad, friends and husband - I've watched them all!), this one stayed with me. Somewhere towards the end of the movie, when the main character realizes what it means to be part of this particular team...I asked myself...What do the Hustlers stand for? 

I mean...I know what we want you to stand for....what we believe you stand for. 
The families, the wives, the fans, the girlfriends. We have built this giant, green pedestal and put you all on it - our boys. And we believe that you each deserve to be on it.

But as I watched that movie...I realised I wasn't sure what the Hustlers themselves stood for. 
A good fight? The will to come back and win? Team? Defiance? Brotherhood? Family? Winning? Discipline? So many questions popped up suddenly. 

No, I'm not being negative - not one bit. You will always have us...your support systems and your back ups, your deafening crowds, even swearing crowds if need be. We've been right there with you. 
But now that you have won what you'll have been striving for for so long....maybe each of you will take a time out to think this one through. 

Thank you Hustlers...for giving us all a team we call our own. An extended family we love. For lots of memories. For winning and making us proud. You are not just another team. You have a story. And you are loved. 
But years from now...what will being a part of the Hustlers mean to you? 

The main tag line from the movie was in Maori...and translated to English, reads like this..." "Be forever strong on the field, so that you will be forever strong off the field."

This is what we want you to stand for....what we believe you stand for. 

Hustlers for life. 

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