Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Simply coz..

Dude's team lost the finals. :(

Yeah, it was sad, but the boys fought the good fight and they had proud supporters by the end of it, lost by 11 points. There were a lot of things that didn't go in their favor, but there is no place for injustice to be mentioned on my blog, it's being discussed more than enough the world over.

I don't really have anything in particular to blog about today. But I'm happy about a lot of stuff.
It's been a real smiley day. Hope you had one too.

I call this one 'Perception'.


  1. Perception it is.... All that matters... is that you are happy!! Keep the blogging going..

  2. Rose...thank you for your kind and thoughtful words. means so much to me. thank you.

  3. Rose hi, sorry that your dude's team lost..but I am sure this was just practice for their really big win!

    You have a lovely day too!


  4. Hey u had a smily day. Perfect reason to blog, wot u talkin of babyy??

  5. @ Pats - thank you :)

    @ ennui - keep smiling.

    @ Sharon - That's sweet! I'll pass on the message!

    @ Anand - :) Aaw shucks, thanx.

  6. My reaction to your preception.
    Is that an ash-tray? They don't keep them in offices anymore. Those were the days ....

  7. lol!!! That's not an ash-tray, it's a lovely shot glass!! :)