Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Hustler

So my dude plays basketball. He loves it with a passion.

He's part of a team called 'The Hustlers' and they play in several tournaments during the year. They're REALLY good. They play ball every week, but in season, they practice thrice a week and then, play their normal weekly game.

Yes, sometimes it's an overdose, but he loves it so much, I have no choice but to love it with him. *sigh* The things you do for love.

To be fair, they all love the game, some more than others. I've watched them this season, play their worst and their best. I've been watching them for years now and I totally enjoy it. This season started a bit rough, though they won all their games. But in the last 2, the boys have picked up pace, brought their games and totally kicked ass. Nope, there's no polite way to say it. *grin*

Tomorrow, they play the finals. They've worked so hard for this over the last 6 months - they can each almost taste it. They want it. They own it. And they deserve it.

As for dude, well I can see what he does for the love of basketball. I've seen him mature so much as a player over the last few years. And you know the stuff you watch in all those sports movies? The pep talks that the coaches give, the lessons you're supposed to learn on court and all that?
It's real.

He forgets his worries on court. His moves are all a part of him, there is no defining line. It's all so fluid - his pace, his move, the ball, the all merges into one, near effortless motion. It's amazing to watch.
I've seen him overcome his differences with one or two other, rougher teams and I've watched him 'be the bigger man'. I've seen him harness his temper and direct that energy towards going for a shot and making it. I've seen him swallow his pride and take a hit, sometimes deserved, sometimes faulted.
I've seen my college boy become a man on court.

Any of you who have sports jocks in your lives, will know how much this influences their normal behaviour and how much it means to see them succeed. It's your victory as much as theirs. His excitement when he tells me about the game, his moves, the plays, the team - it's the same joy I experience when I write a good piece, take a good picture, read a good book. It's a special feeling that makes you happy and proud and joyful all at the same time - and he shares it with me.

Basketball is a big part of who he is. It's amazing to watch him play. This is one of my best shots of him. (Dude's the guy with the ball) I'm rooting for dude and the Hustlers tomorrow. Do say a prayer for our boys.
I'll let you know what happens!!


  1. HUSTLERS, HUSTLERS, HUSTLERS! WOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO! They're going to do it. Its theirs. They so deserve it.

    I'm rooting for you ARA.

  2. It's all just hunter-mentality, Rux... Dude (hunter) goes for tournament (hunting) with his team (fellow-hunters) and tries to get the trophy (mammoth). If they win everything works out (the family has food to eat, fur to keep warm, etc). And if Dude (hunter) misses a golden shot (spear-throw) which cost them the trophy (mammoth) then Dude (hunter) will keep thinking about it for the next few days to come... "You know, honey, that mammoth was sooo close! I can't believe I missed!!"


  3. @ Sheetal - I shall keep true to my promise, scores every quarter all the way to mumbai :)

    @ Sushi- *sigh* In a very far-away, psycho sort of way, you have a point. Faint as it is, a point all the same.

    I'm happier with the Baller Theory. Go, play your heart out and get the damn mammoth...errr trophy, back home :)

    Surely you remember that Madman? *grin*

  4. Hustlers.. Hmmm.. Will they, wont they??
    Not much into basketball u know. Sad but true.

  5. hey rosemary, just wanted to say thats an amazin piece on ur 'dude' and tat i can totally totally relate to it...wat i love best abt my baller is the twinkle in his eye wen he begins to talk abt his team or any thin evn remotely connected to bball! guess they're happiest on the court! u knw my fav part abt wat u've written??
    "I've seen my college boy become a man on court"!! love the piece and all the best for everythin:)xx

  6. the picture is so realistic.... wishes for ur DUDE!

  7. Oh.. I'm so upset I couldnt go to watch the game... Who are you sending SMS to??? Where is the score Rose... *ROSE!!*

    Oh.. and you know who I miss the most today... :-(

  8. Yes, of course I remember the love for basketball, Rux. Reading your post actually made me think how nice it would have been if such tournaments existed when the 'Psycho Souls' were still together.

    But I didn't say I was never a hunter ;)

  9. @ Anand - you'll catch on, I have faith in you.

    @ Priyanka - aww, shucks!! We seem to be sisters in this particular hood. Thanks a ton!

    @ Pranks - :)

    @ Pats - I was yelling and abusing and cheering and didn't message a soul till the end, you have my word! *crosses heart solemnly*

    @ Sushi - The Hustlers lost. But they put up one helluva fight. (Long story, maybe next post)They still got a standing ovation from all of us on the stands.

  10. I can relate to all that you wrote.
    I play Darts. (Don't laugh). The tension, nervousness, trembling hand ... one forgets everything else. And if one still remembers anything, wash it down with a sip of Scotch on the rocks. Warm feeling. Where's the triple twenty?

  11. *grin* Why would I laugh? I remember the Strikers, have you forgotten your pic is on our wall in Goa?! You were awesome then - am guessing you still are. I kid you not padrin.