Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Scrap of Honesty

My friendly neighbourhood cha lover, gifted me a badge.

Ketchup Girl is super cool and her blog has become a favorite of mine in the last month or so. Which is basically since I've started reading it, so treat that as an indication of her total coolness. *grin*

10 honest bits about me.
Brace yourselves people.

1. I have an insane fear of falling off the bed in my sleep. Due to this, I never sleep on the edge and if left with no choice on a single bed, I'd rather sleep on the floor.
It happened 2 months ago, I kid you not.

2. I've been paranoid about my weight forever. Even when I'm thin, I'm fat.

3. I pray for my friends. All of them. Whenever I suddenly remember one of them in need/trouble/a bad mood, I shout out to the Big Guy upstairs.

4. I hate, hate, HATE when I'm at the cinema and I can hear the guy 2 rows down, chomping on his popcorn for all his set of 32 are worth and then slurping his drink. I throw daggers at him from my make believe cloud, as I hover above his fat head.

5. In college I fell in love with Winnie the Pooh. And I had one birthday when all my friends, (who fuelled my obsession) gifted me Pooh towels, Pooh photo albums, a Pooh dustbin, a Pooh toothbrush, a Pooh straw, a Pooh photo frame, Pooh tee-shirts, Pooh cards, Pooh magnets, Pooh this, Pooh that and Pooh the next thing.
SUCH a great birthday :)

6. I'm a Harry Potter freak. Thanks to Wikipedia, I know the magical history of everything and everyone mentioned in those glorious books. Helga Hufflepuff just didn't get her due.

7. I think I know all Govindas songs. I memorised them, laughed at them and know them to this day. Do not judge me. The man was ridiculously blessed with the most amusingly fabulous songs.
Chand ka dola, laya hoon dulhan, aanan paanan, aanan paanan.

8. My mom is my best friend.

9. I sing in the shower. Loud and harmonious.

10. As a baby, I slept on my tummy with my bottom high in the air. It's hard to describe what it looked like exactly, but I'm told that most kids sleep that way. Yet no one talks about it, so I'm inclined to be doubtful. (Let me know what you think though, I'm hugely interested)

I'm going to tag a few blogs, which I think are quite honest too. Consider yourself gifted!

So there you go.
Thanks KG, t'was an honour!


  1. hi sweetie.. thanks a lot for this tag!! im gonna work on it soon ..

  2. Aww.. loved your 10 points of honesty... I think the edge of the bed thing is hilarious!! But that is one of the adorable things that makes you .. you!! :)
    BTW.. thanks for the tag.. I needed that nudge to write...

  3. oh super nice... Rose... that was a quick reply!! well done!

  4. :):) Thanks Girl! :):) About #10, I guess most babies do sleep that way! My nephew still does(and he`s two!) and I`ve seen a friend`s baby do that too. I`m told I slept on my tummy(without the bottoms up!) when I was a kid. And here`s the weird part - I still do! :):)
    I`m sorry I havent been visiting as often as I would have loved to. I`ve been taking a break from the internet :):) But thanks again for the badge! :)

  5. Kisi disco mein jaayen jaayen, kisi hotel mein khayen khayen..*KG sings and does a full throtle Govinda jig for rose* ! Laughed a full 5 minutes after reading a few of your 10 truths. u fell off the bed, eh? hahahaha. and the cinema thingy..aarrgh. the other day we went to watch The taking of pelham, and 3 seats away was a couple with piping hot chinese stir fry and noodles. the theatre reeked of ajinamoto. arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggh.

  6. You got point # 4 from your Ma ... talk to her about it.
    Govinda/Karishma ... love the man ... definitely over Akshay Kumar.

  7. @ Pascal - lol!!! I know, I know! She's the same till date :)
    And I remember those days, when Karishma wore those garish colors, had the thickest eyebrows, but a certain uncle thought she was pretty way back then - and look at her now! You have a good eye. *wink*