Monday, September 14, 2009

Too many goodbyes

We had the boys back from Oz for a while. It made for a busy, fun, chaotic month of noise, laughter, painting, eating out and the Xbox.

Then they left. First Billo, about 2 weeks ago and then Tatt Boy yesterday.

No more late nights, talking about..well, nothing in particular, but everything in general.

No more painting peacock feathers. Or Lamps. Or Walls. (we're highly creative you see)

No more intense discussions about relationships, over filafils and lentil soup. (if you're in the UAE, check out this place called Commodore in Sharjah, behind Al Wahda - it's open 24 hours, serving the best Arabic food)

No more Gears of War for dude. Double players at least. He played today, died one or twice and missed Tatt Boy. It was sad and cute, all at the same time.
I've promised to learn so that I can team up with him...but the gore and guts all over!!
Come back Tatt Boy :(

No more listening to Honey Singh. (*grins* be careful if you're going to check him out on Youtube)

No more Pats and me getting home hungry and feasting on already made tuna wraps.

No more Iftar dinners and plant hunting and Pictionary playing.

No more this and no more that. I hate goodbyes. I know, I know, we'll meet again and all that...but I just can't seem to get used to them. I hate saying goodbye to my folks - come to think of it, I don't, coz my eyes are usually full and I'm too choked up to say a word.

Don't get me wrong, life is still fun and we'll all get back to normal in a few days....but right now, since you've BOTH gone and left....

we miss you.
See you soon. We love you.


  1. I'm crying now Rose... and cant type any more... :-(

  2. Wow Rosemary, I had no idea you had a name for my split personality.... Billo and Tatt Boy.... nice...

    Well I'll be back in December anyways -- so I can play video games with your hubby then... Altho I REAALLY don't ever remember playing Gears or War with him in the first place... But I guess if you've put it up on your blog it must be true...

  3. Sushi you moron *grins*
    And it's not a VIDEO game. Xbox rules. OR so I've been told. Keep up will ya? *whacks Sushi on the back of the head*

  4. commodore ? I gotta try that out some day ! weird name for an arabic joint though. no ?

    Oh - I just finished Gears of War last week. Was glued to it it till 3 am on a daily basis. Want hints getting past the final bad boy ? :-P