Tuesday, September 22, 2009

All good things...

Happy Eid everyone.

We had a glorious break - 5 days off! It gave everyone much needed friend and family time.

Dude and I spent time with Pats & family, doing nothing in particular - talked a lot, drove all the way to Umm Al Quwain for a booze run and had a blast - I heart road trips, for whatever purpose they may be.

Had charades night with pizza - Round Table's,the last honest pizza in Dubai, proudly proclaims the menu. It was great as was the company.
And oh my the charades!! It was a battle of the sexes and the chicas trounced the gents (as if you didn't already KNOW that). I mean, let's take 'JAWS' for example. I ask you, is it easier to mime water, fish, a galloping sea-horse (Well that's what it looked like) all with one hand, such was our expert mime...or is it easier to just 'point' to your own, God-given jaw line?!
It was a lot of fun...and I know the guys probably have a lot of fun to poke at us too, but hey, I blog, you don't, life's unfair like that.

Dora and Boots stayed over one night. We all slept in the hall, in front of the telly and watched Disney's 'Beauty & the Beast'. Well, Dude and Dora dozed off. Boots and I cuddled and enjoyed Lumiere sing about Belle's dinner. We had Nutella on bread for breakfast and played football in our little hall. A smiley will just not do justice to the memory of it all.

On another night, Dude had a cricket game. I always enjoy watching him play, whatever sport it may be. My dad is mighty proud of his sports loving son-in-law and always asks about the score, average and outcome of his games. His team didn't win, but he was great. (Ok, so I'm partial.) Then went out with a few friends, for a mouth-watering dinner at Jimmy's Killer Prawns. It was a seafood fest, fried hammour, grilled jumbo prawns, calamari, prawns in hummous - the Goan in me loved it it all, but I'll still say that nothing beats fish curry, white rice and a few fried prawns. Bliss.

Our last day we spent at home, catching up on the activities that the married must catch up on. And I refer to cleaning, laundry, sorting etc - lest you wonder. *grin*

All in all, hols well spent. Can't wait for the next lot.
Greed becomes me!

Till later!


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  2. when is the next lot Rose!! so far away!!

    you seemed to have a great time...

  3. Rose.. you had a wonderful time .. god, i'm so greedy now!! it reminds me of my past days when i spent the best time with my friends!! :)

  4. I always enjoy my hols - Even if we do the little things - it's always fun with family and friends : )

  5. ..the Goan in me loved it it all, but I'll still say that nothing beats fish curry, white rice and a few fried prawns. My girl!

  6. @ Pascal - my smile reached my ears. I love you.