Monday, October 12, 2009

'Coz you're there for me too.

I'm back :)

It was a good week work wise, but I'm beyond tired and it's taking me some time to get back to normal. It was fab to see dude at the airport though. The angels sang and hearts popped all round. *grin*

I'm thoughtful today. So make of this what you will.
Life is like a little town in Italy.
Some times, you're walking through narrow, cobbled streets where you stop every now and then to peep into quaint little shops or fish out your camera to capture a moment that makes you stop in your tracks. Other times, you wander into a piazza peppered with flower and pizza stalls, fountains and street lamps.
Both equally breath-taking, both equally beautiful.

We've got many friends, Dude and I. And I've come to realise that some may need us more than others. I've also come to realize that some may value this friendship, more than others.
Yes, these are lessons you learn in life - blah blah blah. But today was different.

What brought it on? I'm not sure really.
Perhaps something that suddenly placed itself gently on my peaceful pile of tolerance...kinda like a cherry on 2 scoops of vanilla ice-cream, floating in chocolate sauce. Yeah, I've made my peace with it..but I do intend on being a bit more careful.

You're my friend and you are important to me. I will find you when you don't need me, in your piazza, surrounded by your 100 friends. I will smile and hug you, even when I know you're only being cordial and you're eager to get back to the momentary 'in' crowd.
I will also find you, when the chips are down. When you worry and are not sure of yourself...and you choose to sit alone, in a narrow street somewhere.

We're always here if you need us. But friendship, is to be valued. And I think we've all watched enough movies on the subject, to know that by now, si?

So till later...I'm watching you.
*points 2 fingers at you...then points to eyes*


  1. You want pizza?? *scratches head* ;)

    *HUGS* I missed you Rossaaayy!! *Starts packing bag for weekend & waits*!!


  2. one big hug Rose... I can tell you are missing me... (just kidding!)

    Be patient... it will all be ok at the end...

    Its important how you feel at heart.. and a true friend will always be there.. with open doors and open arms... *hugs* Dude this time!!! (the idiot did not call sister... after wife arrived)... *angry* (shhhheeee... what to do!!)

    Too many emotions in one message... so more for later...

    *big hug* to end!!

  3. Rose,first time here.i loved this writing style of yours.the casual attitude i liked it.oh let me call you a pizza girl.

  4. hey you are back ! hope you had a good trip - post seems confusing :-P

    nice picture - where was it taken ?

  5. thank you all :)
    Hey M - this pic was taken in Switzerland....on some very pretty cobbled street somewhere :)

  6. When's the next post coming? *impatient*

  7. See now that's the thing.
    I can only dance or only write.

  8. The best part of reading your article late (like a month or two later) is that, by that time your feelings might have changed (hopefully better).

    "Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive." - Nin, Anais

    If you live with too much expectations, you get hurt. Live today like it is - if you can.
    Look at me. I'm off to Cuba this weekend (Dec 18, 2009). Cuba Libre e Cerveza!