Friday, October 2, 2009

Leaving on a jet plane..

..but I know I'll be back in a week.
You'd think being an only child, I'd be used to being alone.
I'm going to be on a week long business trip. *sigh*
There is a bit of me that's looking forward to it though. The girly bit is looking forward to the hotel rooms and the prettiness and the hot chocolate by the bed. And oooh, not to mention the ginormous bathrooms with great prospects for soaking in hot, scented, blissful baths. (Pats, you've sold me on this idea!!) I shall enjoy the packing - choosing outfits, jewellery and matching shoes. Yes, girls are like that.
The adventurous bit of me is looking forward to meeting new people, seeing the new office set up, giving my first set of trainings. Catching a quick cuppa with friends at famed local coffee shops, walking the streets for the hidden cheap shoppers paradise, visiting the restaurants, well known for their curries, tikkas and samosas.
I'm waiting to get on the back of a bike, driven by a girl I've never met before, but have known for 2 years. Oddly enough, I trust her.
The silent bit of me is looking forward to some alone time. Reading, soaking in previously mentioned glorious tub- just chilling. Luckily, the silent bit of me is amongst the smallest.
The friend in me though, is waiting to get back and plan Chili's Hen Night. Hear about the outfits, see the invitations and calm the stray and frazzled 'bride to be'nerves.
I shall not see Pats before she leaves for her trip and I shall only meet her after 2 solid weeks. I shall miss her.
I shall miss morning coffee in the office with Zee.
I shall miss e-mails chats with Pooh girl and bursting into brief giggling fits.
But most of all, the Rose in me will miss dude. It's not going to be easy to fall asleep without that familiar shoulder under my head. I shall miss the morning coffee and drive, the peace I feel when I see him at the end of the day. I shall even miss playing Gears of War with him. (yes, this is recent. It is, but a bloody game.) I shall miss the dinners, the sofa, the hugs and the kisses.
Yes, I know it's only a week, but I'm thankful for all the things I'm going to miss.
I am blessed : )
Till later.


  1. All the things will miss you too... Rose!!! Dont you worry.. a week will go by before you even know it... And when you are on those bike rides... please keep your eyes open for knick knacks...

    See you... just in time for Diwali!!!

  2. @ Pats - always Pats, bike or no bike!! See you soon *hug*

  3. awww that's real sweet Rose! Have a fun trip! Where are you off to? curries, tikkas and samosas? Must be India!:) Hyderabad? :)

    - Sharon

  4. Hey Sharon :) I'm off to Chennai actually and am hoping to taste lots of the local flavors!

  5. you have so much to come back to ! so you are really blessed !

    have a safe trip and make sure you take a lot of pics and post them :)

  6. Thanks M :) and I shall try to take as many pics as possible - knowing me there'll be tons from the hotel room itself!