Saturday, November 21, 2009

Those were the days my friends!

Last week, a whole bunch of my school friends met for a reunion.
I couldn't make it thanks to work, *sighs* but all hail the wonder that is Facebook - the rest of us all over the world who couldn't make it, got to see pictures and be a part of the email planning etc that led to the big meet.

My girls, some married with adorable babies, some single hotties, some recently married - it was so great to see them all again and re-live the memories of school days gone by.
Bunking class with N&N only because we were involved in annual school celebrations, Nitz & I having a laugh over prefect-ly duties, worrying Prez as she sat behind us in class and refusing to let her keep her head on the table for more than 5 seconds!
I remember us laughing over Kir-mal's antics and Lampy! Oh Nitz and I never let you have your lunch did we? Thank your mum for us *grin*
I wish I had been able to make it, but all the same it was absolutely fabulous to see you guys again, even if it was just on photographs.

Thank you God, for Facebook.

Day 3 - Pic 1
- The School steps -
- Ibn Seena English High School, 2009 -

My first school, Ibn Seena English High School. Almost 20 years ago, I made some lifelong friends there, the forever kind.
My now pregnant Crazy Momma Sheetz and Bindi, our little princess whom we watched get married 3 years ago. How Crazy Momma & I cried!
After the 7th grade, I moved to another school and missed Ibn Seena dreadfully.
But I made new friends. The forever kind again. Especially Nitz.

Dude and some of his colleagues get together to play cricket on some weekends. The world is so small, we realised that one of his colleagues Faz and I, were actually old school mates from Ibn Seena and he was organising these games at the Ibn Seena cricket ground.
I tagged along that first time and took dude all around my old school.
He saw the spot where I would sit and study, where I first sat on a swing, my 3rd grade classroom, the steps where the whole school would gather for our morning assembly - I shared some really old memories with him.
As we walked along the assembly steps, I saw some books that had been forgotten there by some child, probably too excited to be heading home for the weekend. This is an image of that moment and each time I look at this picture, the warm old school memories come floating back.
Those were the days!

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  1. Oh.. those were the happy days... nothing to worry about.. except.. prefect duties.. and which boy was on duty next to you.. *wink*

    Are you sure you were in Ibn Sina.. those books look like Evas with spiderman on them... *smiles*.. How lovely... even labels matter!!