Saturday, November 14, 2009

In times like these

Hi all : )
I'm missed blogging these past 2 weeks. But immediately after the wedding of the year, my boss went on leave and now, I've got a tough November ahead of me.
Virtual 'feel better' hugs are welcome.

Since I'm short on time, I've decided to take a leaf out of Chili's book & convert my space to a photo blog for a bit. I think it may be easier - let's see how that goes.

Day 1 - Pic 1
- Boots -
- Diwali 2009 -

I took a few pics this Diwali. As I did, I realised how much I've seen Dora & Boots grow over the past 3 years.
When I met Dora she was 4. So small, so clumsily cute. She turns 7 next month. SEVEN. Goodness.

Boots has gone from being the toddler who made the most adorable mistakes with words like 'friend' (which became pendu) and 'smell' (which translated to slom), to a confident little 4 year old.

I am blessed to see them growing up.

This image is of Boot's bangle adorned wrist - taken this Diwali. She was so proud of her many, prettily colored choodis (Hindi for 'bangles') and insisted that I take a picture.

For you, Boots. In memory of a Diwali you may not remember, but one of the many I will not forget.

Till later.


  1. *sigh*... the last statement is very sad... but so true... So many memories that they wont ever remember.. and we will never forget..

    I think it was small...said as slom.. and smell.. said as slem... Sad... those mistakes dont happen anymore!

  2. lol...she had the cutest words in her head!! Let's watch carefully...perhaps she'll make a few more :)

    Swets! Thank you!

  3. Nice photograph.I am eagerly waiting for your other photos also.

  4. the bangles were as Diwali-ish as I got this year!

  5. ....reminds me of that story by R K Narayan, about the bangle seller.