Friday, August 6, 2010

Of power cuts and pizzas

Took a bit of a break for two weeks and headed home to my monsoon-ed out Goa.
Thanks to the incessant rain, power cuts were in abundance.

Felt great to be home...and well, just do nothing much, really.
Just sitting on the sofas - talking about ridiculously random things. The silly Santa-Banta jokes (if you're not Indian, google 'sardar jokes' - you'll get it!), high teas, rushed pizza in the car just to be on time for an incredibly lame movie, watching the tv premiere of 3 idiots and eating roasted grams and banana chips, running through Mapusa to hopefully avoid the rains! A barbeque peppered with old friends and new introductions, meeting 3 gorgeous dogs - Stack, Shiny and Shorty. Being able to just stand in the verandah and take in the rain, the squirrels, the smell of leaves being burnt somewhere in the distance, wondering if you'll see a few monkeys in the trees. That lovely evening at Navtara where we were all so ravenous and ate almost everything on the menu! Lovely hot baths whilst it poured buckets and buckets outside. The Samsung store. *smiles*
I miss home. I miss mum and dad.
And I miss the power cuts.

If you haven't been, you must visit Goa sometime.
It's the loveliest place in the world and I call it home.


  1. Aaaww... hugs Rose... Dont miss them too much... :-)

  2. welcome back girl! it sounds like you had a really good time :)

  3. I miss home toooo...*sob sob*
    and the power cuts...and the rain...and the hot vadas..and...

  4. Oh Shana, this is so sweet!!! The picture is gorgeous!!! We and home misses Shanara too, very much. Love and God bless always. Pama.

  5. It's the loveliest place in the world and I call it home. Amen!