Friday, October 1, 2010

Bring on the music

H'lo there!

I'm back, after what seems like forever. Audits are not fun. Enough said.

So much has happened...good, bad, in the middle stuff. Not to me, but to people I love dearly. Such is life though, isn't it? Things will get better, as they have a tendency have doing.
Till then, we hope that all that happens, is for the best. Hoping is one thing, but getting people to believe that, is a whole different ball game. Yes, I can feel you nodding as well!

Paro was pregnant. In the middle of my insane week, we celebrated her impending motherhood with the cutest baby shower and hey presto! Within 2 days, her little princess met the rest of the world. 'Raaga' translates from Hindi as 'a traditional melodic tune or arrangement that expresses religious feeling'. Isn't that the most precious name?!! It's sort of the equivalent of 'rhythm'.
I get to see the little jukebox tomorrow. *smiles*

Paro's on my mind now...and it gave me a happy feeling. I generally post when I'm in a pleasant mood, with maybe a few good thoughts to share.
As of now, it's just nice to have friends around you, who you've known forever.
With whom you just slip into a comfort your favorite pair of shoes...y'know?
Friends who come by for a coffee and a chat after work, even when they've been up till 3 in the morning. Also known as Pats!!

Welcome to our world Raaga. Life will be tons of fun times and not so fun times, but needless to say, like the rest of us, you too will find your own special music, which will play only for you, whenever you want it too.
And sometimes you find a few people who hear the same music you do.
Hold on to them. They are called friends.


  1. Raaga... such a cute name.. I love 'little jukebox' ha ha ha.. so cute!!! Here wishing the world of happiness and love for little Raaga.. Aaaawwww..

    (you know what Sims would say now no??) or should I repeat??

    Please improve on the coffee making *wink*

  2. Hey Shan,

    Terrific writing man!!! Congratulations....Raaga.. so melodious, only people with ear for music will experience the beauty of this name. God bless Raaga and God bless you too.