Wednesday, April 29, 2009

At last

We've finally settled in.
Well, almost. We've still got bits and pieces to do here and there, but it's home now. For once, we're both brimming with decorating ideas. Mine involve little black men, with drums and ropes. His involve....well, nails and paint, but hey, who's complaining, I used 'him' and 'decorating' in the same sentence!!
It's great to have the internet up and running again. Oooooh, and cable!! Right now, it's all about the IPL, Sachin ala re ala and all that. I've got my feet on the bean bag and laptop on my lap (who'd have thunk it). The lovely little pleasures of home!
My kinda sorta niece is going to start her very own special activity soon. Her elder sis (yes, my other kinda sorta niece) has ballet to call her own and she's a lovely little prima ballerina.
For the little one....will it be gymnastics? Karate? Swimming? Horse-riding? Basketball? We've all got our favorites for her - what we each believe she'll be good at and obviously, what we each have a personal inkling towards. I'm sure she'll find her happy soon enough and make it her anytime best friend, the way we all did.
Mine was in writing. I didn't care who liked it or who didn't, whether i used the big words or the slang - it made me happy. I can't wait to see what she chooses as hers. What a joy to watch a child find slowly, but surely.
Both girls, my Dora and her little Boots, are the apples of so many eyes. Spanning continents literally. We all love them both, in equal measure.
When the gang gets together, a few years from now, we'll be talking about the two of them. The funny things they said, the words they couldn't pronounce, the happiness that singing ABBA songs gave them and how much it made us laugh, the way we all shared secret glances when we watched our Dora dance, how pretty they looked in their flower girl dresses...we'll be talking about it all.
And it'll all be whilst we're sipping hot coffee and glancing at the clock to make sure they're back home by curfew.
These darned sands of time.


  1. OMG... I've been waiting for you to post!! Nahi.. Rose.. Nahi... this post had tears in my eyes! Not that soon.. PLEASE!!

    Hello... 'bean bag'... what comfort.. I want!! I want!!

    You write extremely well.. and I hope some day.. the girls would do something that makes them 'happy'... and that they are good at it!

    You & I will be singing.. 'Super Trouper' for Dora's wedding! Thank you Rose... for being a part of the 'sands of my time'...

  2. Hey welcome back Rose !!!!!!! We missed you around here........ So nice to have you back and to know that you are done settling into your new home. As for the bits and pieces to be done let me tell you, no matter how much time you spend on your little paradise, it would still take more time from you. I believe that a home is the reflection of the home maker and I'm sure your's would turn out as beautiful as you are and yes Pat, Rose is very good at wirting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Hey Rose I have tagged you.

    Check the above link for details or check out my post on " number tag "


  4. Pats - no tears, just a lot of good times to come :)
    Sampoorna! Thank you for tagging me, Pats too tagged me on the number tag, I'm yet to get my act together on it - will do so soon!
    Home is getting...home-ier (?) slowly, but surely! I do hope it looks lovely at the end of it - I'll keep you updated!

    Thank you both for your lovely comments!