Saturday, April 18, 2009

The place I lay my hat is home

I have a lot of hats. Hats 'n caps 'n berets 'n all the rest. I've been collecting them over the years and have rarely worn them. But I DO so like them all : )
They only recently came handy for my little friends birthday.
We played a game called 'Musical Hats'. Throw a bunch of hats in the middle of a circle of kids, play some music and then when the music stops, each child has to grab a hat and wear it in 5 seconds flat.
Then, as with chairs, you keep reducing the number of hats. It was a tons of fun and the kids enjoyed it - not to mention how funny the boys looked in pink sun hats - what a sight! God bless her heart, there was even one little curly haired doll who decided it was her duty to help others with their hats and they in turn, thought she was trying to yank them off! Oh, the panic that ensued was hilarious!
But I drift.
We're shifting this weekend. Or we hope to be. It's a bit of a see-saw right now. We sit surrounded by our furniture at odds and ends, just waiting for the green signal to jump and begin the pushing and shoving of tables, books, clothes - the list is but long.
We've stayed here for a year now and I'm attached to the place. I look around and remember our excitement when we first saw it, the time spent on deciding where exactly to put that favorite picture, my delight when I cooked my first decent chicken curry, the movies we've watched lazing on the bean bags, the friends we've had over - everything. How amazing that 4 walls encompass so much. Talk about a Pandora's box.
I'm looking forward to the new house though - waiting to call it home. I feel a bit like a hobo this weekend.
But perhaps being homeward bound isn't such a bad thing. It is home that we're going to, after all, isn't it?
I shall miss you 122. It's been nice.


  1. Can figure out how much fun you must have had seeing the kids, especially the boys, wearing those hats. Wish I was there too. Although, I got to the see the decoration part of the party.

    I would never wanna change the home I'm living in. But neway, now that you are homeward bound, I'm happy for you.

    Nice post.

  2. Awwww. That was nice. I liked reading it.

  3. Rose... little friends??!!! What about the big or fat friend who told you 'musical hats' was a bad idea??!!

    oh!! nice post... But home is where the heart is Rose... so really doesnt matter which 4 walls it is... Its you.. and the basketball... that make a home!!

    Sampoorna... you smart cookie!! Yes you've seen the decor!!

    I missed blogging..

  4. Games with kids are always fun Sampoorna, we end up laughing more than anything!
    Pats, my big frend enjoyed it too!