Thursday, April 23, 2009

On Your Anniversary

My little gift for two special people – my heaven on earth.

To marry a friend
It’s one thing to get married.
And quite another, to fall in love.
But to fall in love with, and marry a friend,
Is a gift from heaven above.

I adore leafing through that album with you,
Of a wedding, many years ago.
Pageboys, groomsmen, the father of the bride
And two bridesmaids, pretty in pale yellow.

The bride and groom, I love the most,
How tenderly they smile and hold hands.
They dance together, lost to each other,
As ‘Tonight I celebrate my love’ sings the band.

It’s one thing to get married.
And quite another, to fall in love.
But to fall in love with, and marry a friend,
Is a gift from heaven above.

I’ve watched you both and learned so much,
So many life lessons through the years.
To never lose faith, to pray from my heart
And to always look beyond the tears.

So today, my angels, I thank you.
For all the little things I love and treasure.
For our breakfast dinners and goodnight kisses
And advice that I cherish beyond measure.

For your firm, but gentle shoulder to cry on,
your ever ready hanky for my runny nose,
for helping me choose the right outfit to wear,
for tucking the warm blanket under my toes.

God bless you both, today and always,
With your love, so honest and true,
And may He bless the rest of us,
With a love story of best friends,
as magical as the one
He wrote especially for you.

Happy Anniversary my loves.

There was never a luckier girl than me. Thank you for all you are and all you do.

You make your corner bright with your love – your lives are a constant reminder to me that there is always hope, laughter, love and friendship in our little world. Thank you for teaching me to dream.

We love you very much! Have a fabulous 31st anniversary.


  1. Oh.. lovely!! Just lovely!! Happy Anniversary to mom & dad... for all the years of love!! From the little I know... I've learnt so much from them.. and hope to walk in thier footsteps... to 31 years!!! Huge.. hug to you Rose... and to mom & dad!

  2. Our lil' one!!! Thank you so much and thank you for being ours. Patty, thank you too for your sweet words. With love and God bless, your Pama.

  3. Congratulations on your 31st anniversary !!!!!
    Lovely post Rose.

  4. Sweetheart, those verses were excellent. I can tell that they sprung from your heart and must have brought tears to the eyes of those two special people.
    Congratulations, Reggie and Cicy!!!

  5. :)
    Pats, I am honored.
    Sampoorna, I guess it's's easy to write when he subject matter is so close to your heart! I've been incredibly lucky to be surrounded by so much love all my life and even now.
    Amcho - my Marlon Brando! Thank you!
    I present my folks - Ma, Pa, take a bow.