Saturday, May 9, 2009

All I want is a room somewhere

I've been humming old songs all day. To me, they're old coz I remember singing them before college, but it's not that bad. Coz I'm not that old. Truly!
It started off with Lionel Ritchie's 'Do it to me one more time' - I'm a huge fan of his. Right from 'Hello' to 'Dancing on the ceiling' to one of his latest 'I call it love', I've enjoyed all his music. Then it was 'Rotterdam', by The Beautiful South, another great song. Then finally, the corridors of my mind stopped on a classic from 'My Fair Lady' - Wouldn't it be loverly?
Ah, the memories.
I sang it solo in high school; I was the voice behind the actual stage character, which made it all the more difficult! For those of you who remember the song, it's jam packed with a heavy Cockney accent, which is hard enough to put on, let alone practice for.
I had to put expression, accent and emotion into it and with my oh so supportive high school gang around me, giggling and trying their hardest to stifle their laughter - it became harder than I thought!
It took me about two weeks of hard practice, on my own as well as with the girl who was actually acting the part. We needed to equal each other, especially with our expressions - hers, on her face and mine, in my voice. She was my Head Girl and I was in constant awe of her, so in a way, it was an honor to be singing my solo and that too, for the Head Girl! Now there's that familiar schoolgirl joy again! (It pops up every now and then ,you'll see.)
To say I was nervous on Opening Night, would be an understatement. We were up second and it was my first major singing experience in high school. It all went down without a hitch and we were greeted with resounding applause. After the performance, I raced to the front of the stage to catch a glimpse of my folks, I had to hear what they had to say. Instead, I first bumped into my Head Girl's father, whom I had met a few times before. He stopped me and promptly enveloped me in a massive hug saying he had never heard his daughter sound sweeter!! Then he followed me to my folks and congratulated them while I waited impatiently to hear what they had to say for myself.
After what seemed live forever, mum and dad both turned to me and said they'd never heard me sing like that before. I was on the seventh heaven.
Singing that song gave me more confidence than ever before and I went on to sing in several high school productions, the most prominent being in my final year. But no matter how many songs I've sung since then - this one has a special place in my heart.
I hope you all have a special song in your head today - one that brings back a special memory.
Wouldn't that be loverly?
Do tell me what your song is!
If you'd like to see the lyrics and take a walk down memory lane, here you go, you can thank me later *grin*


  1. my all time fav is 'imagine' by john lennon.
    it is a timeless classic in form and content.

  2. Well, I woke up this morning and started whispering "I Grieve" by Peter Gabriel - I am not sure why since I wasn't sad.... I assume it's this mellow morning feeling. I'd wakeup with something like that or Yann Tiersen's piano or maybe Ben Harper singing "I shall not walk alone"...
    You should head Ben Harper's I shall not walk alone.

  3. I've always loved Imagine...makes me imagine the world in slow motion. Nice Magic!
    Sushi - I heard it. I loved it. I do listen once in a while :)

    I think to wake up with a song in your head - is a nice feeling in itself!

  4. Mein talli ho gayi. That was the song I woke up to today. 'Patiyala peg laga ke!', etc.

    No deep, meaningful, soulful songs here. Move along.

  5. lol...that works too. Mine today was dil mein baji guitar, (yes with the air guitar moves and everything)so I think we're good!

  6. Today I'm singing...

    I beg your pardon
    I never promised you a Rose Garden
    Along with the sunshine...
    Theres gonna be a little rain sometimes...