Thursday, May 21, 2009


Chess has always been a game I never really understood.

Don't get me wrong, I did try. Dad loved the game and though I eventually caught on, unlike several of my friends, me and the checkered board - just didn't get along.
I looked at it as though it were a giant crossword puzzle. And there were many, many times, more than I can remember, when I scratched my head and looked at Dad, wondering HOW he could possibly like this game.

I saw this lovely chess board at a friends place recently. It brought back memories of Dad explaining the game to me - the plays, the intricacies, the plots. I don't remember any of that though.
But I DO remember sitting with Dad. And to me, that's what chess means.
Something Dad loved and wanted to share with me.

So, I still don't like chess. But I do intend on getting a nice pretty board like this one.
If nothing else, for the memories.


  1. aaawwww nice... I never even looked at a chess board as a kid... I just had something against it...

    I think I have two boards.. somewhere.. one glass one.. and the other marble.. I should take it out... and get you to play a game.. or two.. (not with me.. ofcourse!!)

    I must say.. the glass boards look very pretty.. Have you seen the ones at Life style.. where they have themes... like 'Egyptian'.. etc.. Those are so impressive..

    Sorry.. I've wandered off shopping..

  2. Moussa loves chess. So we will also own a lovely chess board. Hello, reason we're bff's.

  3. Forget the regular chess board, you should get a "human chess board"! Just think of all the mind games you can play, Rux!
    Human chess board -- that suddenly reminds me of that bad dharmendra movie... Shalima, was it called?

  4. @Pats - lol...retail therapy indeed.

    @Sheetal - Hell yeah!!

    @ Sushi - ah, a human chess board. Hmm. Must ponder that one no? and *grin* Shalimar, is the one you want I think.

  5. Such a lovely post....and the image is great.
    Love the lighting!
    Thanks for visiting and all your kind words.

  6. I have tried to learn chess too, but it escapes me. It's a fabulous game, but I guess there is a part of my brain that doesn't "get it". My grandfather tried to teach me, but...

    That's a lovely chess set.

  7. @ ennui - Thank you so much, I really love your pics, they somehow say so much!

    @ Jo - Ah, we can form a club, play no chess, but have all the pretty boards. :) But it's a nice memory isn't it, your grandfather trying to teach you? I think we got all chess had to offer us!! Thanks Jo!

  8. hey .. even im your type.. i don like chess.. and till date i never understood how to move the queen..

  9. lol!! I've forgotten as well Pranksy, we're one of a kind!

  10. Shatranj Ke Khilari! (Please read with a British accent. And the 3rd word 'khilari' is actually 'khiladi' but I had to sort of write it British).

  11. LOL!!! I bet you didn't have the patience for it either!