Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Pause Moments

Since I tried my hand at photography a while ago, I've taken a lot of pictures.
Some good, some great, some downright awful. Some say a lot to me - so I shall share them with you.

On the way back from Oman, sometime in 2007.

We had stopped for tea somewere, on our way back from Oman.
Right next to the little cafeteria, was an old, droopy branched, rather dead looking tree.
As we talked and sipped on our masala chai's,
the daylight slowly moved towards dusk and a dull glow filled the skies.
In that instant, the old tree looked more beautiful than I can describe,
half in light and half in the shadows.

Even with great age, comes unique beauty. You just need to be around to see it.


  1. The picture is beautiful indeed....

  2. *taps foot impatiently*

    Where's the next post? *frowns*

  3. Sheetal, you looooveeee me!! Aww. For you, ma cherie.

  4. You were there no Pats!! Hence the reference to masala chai :)

  5. it is indeed beautiful!
    [and there is no such thing as an awful photograph!]

  6. Nice pic! Really. But I got to see more to say that my photographer is good/excellent/outstanding...