Monday, May 11, 2009

Old School Toons

I watched cartoons today. After ages and ages and ages!!
I thoroughly enjoyed it - Sylvester and Tweety. I tink I thaw a putty tat!! I did, I did!! I did tee a putty tat! Man, they don't make cartoons like they used to anymore.
I remembered all the ones I loved to watch as a kid (and if I'm being completely honest, still do!). The kiddy ones like The Smurfs, Gloworms, Basil Brush and as a friend reminded me the other day - Morph!! Please tell me someone remembers that gorgeous lil' orangey brown plasticine man!
Then the girly ones like Rainbow Bright - she was my favorite with her horse, Starlight I think... and little star thingys she used to throw around - I'd drop everything to briefly attach myself to the floor right in front of the tv during that show. Another few I liked were The Paw Paw Bears and Sylvanian Families, but they weren't too famous and unfortunately not many people remember them. (lemme know if you do though, you'll immediately be a good friend)
Then the classic Tom & Jerry. I don't think I'll ever tire of those 2 lunatics!
We used to even watch the typical boys cartoons...He-Man, Bionic Six, the Fantastic Four - yes they were cartoons first! the Power Extreme guys..I don't remember the name of the cartoon had a girl and an orangutan in it...sounds weird? My generation loved it! And oooh TMNT!! (For the ignorant, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) I'm singing the theme song as I type.
As we got older, the cartoons changed a bit - Looney Tunes, Victor & Hugo - Bunglers in Crime, Animaniancs, Marsupilami to name a few - I don't remember them too clearly, but I think they were nice as well.
It's been nice going back to the fun cartoons - not like todays Ed, Edd and Eddy...they have a friend who's a plank. Of wood. Yeah.
Long live the likes of Quick Draw McGraw, Pepe le Pew and Bugs Bunny.
I'll end with a favorite famous quote, by a man wise beyond his years...
Tttthat's all folks!!
- Elmer Fudd


  1. Heeeeey! I like Ed, Edd, and Eddy! Its clever.

  2. But one of the Eds, he's got flies around him!! Eww! And if it's for kids, it's supposed to be 'good' stuff! And the other cartoon - Mandy and someone? with the grim reaper? Good heavens.

  3. Ed Edd and Eddy is a good one, Roxanne.
    I think it's interesting with cartoons like Samurai Jack for example, which are not for 'kids' as what we were when growing up. But then I think our generation wasn't as 'racing' techology-wise. Plus it's that Jack Johnson described circle, they present what they think you are - you become what you watch.
    BTW that line was not by Elmer, it was by the pig. Elmer was the guy who said "Kill the wabbit!"
    And here, you can enjoy some memories:

  4. BTW, do you ever remember that Energizer ad that used to come on ch.33 back in the mid-80s of the psychotic gym trainer going up to everyone at the gym yelling "NO BATTERY LASTS LONGER" and someone tries to say that till he interrupts them, so:
    "No battery--"
    That guy was so cool.

  5. Speaking of counting sheep, Sheep in the Big City is a big fave of mine too. Dont like that either? Haaaaaan??? *frowns suspiciously at Rose*

  6. lol! Yes Sushi, I remember the Energizer ad, it used to crack me up.
    Ok, I cave on Sheep in the Big City. I do like that and Dexter (not your blog Dexter Sushi, the lab guy!)I'll accept there are a few nice ones out there now - but Ed, Edd and Eddy - I'm sorry. A line has been drawn!

    and it wasn't just the pig!! I've heard Elmer say it too!

    So you guys don't remember ANY of the old ones? Maafi fond memories??

  7. Of course I remember the old ones. I remember Rainbow Bright at 4:15pm on Ch33 -- right after the 4pm prayer... that's how I know women so well now.
    I remember "let's read with Basil Brush! Let's reeead with Basil Brush, bom bom!"
    I remember most of the ones you listed actually.
    Sheep in the Big City though - awesome! "I sit here with General Specifics and Private InPublic and the mad scientist"
    Oh and Dexter, not the cartoon the 'show'.... you should give it a try.


    BTW, why are 'you' calling him "the pig"... I'm doing it because ever since the swine-flu I have decided not to refer to any animated pigs by name. So that includes that pig with the bear (I just generally have decided not to name him either), the looney tunes and tiny toons pigs, the one that killed Kermit the Frog,... etc. etc.

  9. Rose.. why did Flintstones & Jetsons.. not get a mention... :-(

    And today you watch Dora... shhheeesshhh..

  10. Ohhhhh!!! I loved those 2!! There shall be more posts on cartoons!